Senior Shelter Dog Whisked Away On Weekend Getaway For The Sweetest Reason

Leroy has lived at Dog Tales Rescue for over seven years. That’s over half of the 12-year-old shepherd mix’s life without a forever home. Luckily, rescue volunteers give every pup the chance to break free, if only for a fun weekend away.

Recently, it was Leroy’s turn, and it’s a weekend he won’t soon forget.

A dog sticks his head out of the car window with enjoyment.
“A waterfront property with a cottage was offered to our staff and volunteers to use to bring shelter dogs for a break from shelter life,” Stephanie Munro, Dog Tales Rescue volunteer, told The Dodo. “This was a wonderful opportunity to give our dogs a break and see how they truly are in a home environment. It really was extraordinary and heartwarming to be able to see our dogs in such a way.”

Munro and Leroy spent time enjoying the scenery, eating good food and sniffing everything in sight. The getaway also marks the first time Leroy had a bed of his very own.

You can watch Leroy’s exciting weekend adventure here:

After the fun weekend away, Leroy adjusted back into his routine at the rescue, but he surely made plenty of memories to replace those of his shelter life.

“Leroy came to us from an overcrowded shelter in Miami in 2015, where he had been found as a stray,” Munro said. “[He’s] quite laid back. He does enjoy the occasional game of fetch, [and] food is also one of Leroy’s favorite things. One of his favorite tricks is giving his paw, to which he has large paws he enthusiastically gives.”


A woman and dog look out at the water.
For those interested in adopting Leroy, the senior pup enjoys the occasional head and neck scratches — but only once he’s had time to warm up, so he’ll need an adopter who recognizes his needs and boundaries. Munro added that adopting this sweet boy means multiple visits to Dog Tales to be sure it’s a good match.

A dog sleeps on his very own bed.

“Having now worked with these dogs in the shelter and now having seen them in a home environment, it gives me so much hope for our dogs,” Munro said. “This experience brought me to tears a number of times seeing how amazing these dogs would be living in a home and feeling devastated at the same time, watching them be looked over time and time again.”

A dog smiles while being petted.
After so much joy spent at the cottage, Leroy would love to find his forever family. Then he can enjoy the scenery, eat good food and sniff everything in sight — with his new favorite people.

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