Senior Horse Couldn’t Stand Because He Was So Frail, But A Kind Woman Saved Him

A small act of kindness could mean the whole world for someone in desperate need of help. It is the case of Arthur – an abandoned senior horse – who was saved just in time, getting a second chance to life, writes homesluxury.

Unfortunately, the 30-year-old Belgian draft spent most part of his life as a work horse at a farm in New England. Sadly, soon after he hit 30, the loyal animal was no longer needed by his heartless owner, who let him to the mercy of fate.

It is how Arthur ended up bouncing from dealer to dealer. A period of time that was anything but easy for the senior horse, but thankfully along the way he found comfort in another abandoned horse – Max. Together, they somehow managed to pass through all the struggles.

Thankfully for these two poor souls all the misery they’ve been through, came to an end one day. A very kind woman stepped up and rescued them!

Cindy Daigre, founder of the Ferrell Hollow Farm Senior Horse Sanctuary in Tennessee, spotted the two horse on a website.

At that time they were both in a deplorable condition and they were about to be taken to their final journey, but Cindy saved them.

“I pulled both Arthur and his buddy Max from dealers in Pennsylvania where they had been bounced around from auctions and were heading to New Holland,” the kind-hearted woman shared with The Dodo. “I was told that [Arthur] was purposely starved while waiting to go to the next auction…I was horrified.”

After months of both physically and mentally suffering, the two horses were extremely scared and confused.

Bunt once they arrived at the sanctuary, things begin to chance and they were looking better by the day.

When she brought them, Cindy made herself a promise to help them to get back on their feet. It took roughly two years until the sun shined again on Arthur and Max street.

The bond the two horses have shared during those hard times, helped them a lot on their way to a fully recover.

They comforted each other and that boosted their morale to overcome any difficulty. “They do care for each other and would be upset if they were to be separated. [They have] a friendship formed through tragedy and then compassion,” their savior said.

Now, Arthur and Max look so happy together and enjoy the peaceful life they’ve always deserved!


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