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Satellite image shows a UFO hidden among the ice in Antarctica

The mysterious glowing object was discovered by Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta, who posted a revealing video on his YouTube channel Planeta Snakedos several months ago but has now caught the attention of UFO experts around the world.

The video shows a shiny disk-shaped object hidden among the ice blocks of Earth of Graham, on the Antarctic Peninsula, and, according to Irazusta, despite being perfectly camouflaged, it is clearly seen that it is completely metallic.

“In the images provided by Google Earth we can see a silver circular object that has nothing to do with the rest of the surface,” explains Irazusta. “It is clearly an artificial object and very similar to classic flying saucers.”

Many experts in the field expressed surprise at the discovery, in addition to suggesting that the mysterious object is at least 12 meters in diameter. They also said that copies of the images had to be kept in case Google removed or covered up as they have done so many times.

However, the most skeptical argued that the image could only be the result of Pareidolia, a phenomenon whereby people who experience it believe they see visual forms or content that are not actually there. But this is not the first time that Antarctica has been the center of controversy due to the presence of anomalies. In 2018, an unidentified object was discovered on remote San Pedro Island (South Georgia), South Atlantic.

Satellite images from Google Earth showed a mysterious object that slid through the snow for a considerable distance before stopping, as a strange trail was also visible behind it. As has happened with the recent discovery, thousands of Internet users assured that it was a ship of extraterrestrial origin that crashed on remote San Pedro Island. Others emerged that this area was the landing strip for UFOs and that access to a secret extraterrestrial base would surely be nearby.

The truth is that in these moments of world quarantine, many are observing strange objects in the skies. So this finding has not gone unnoticed and for some, it is yet another sign that “extraterrestrial revelation” is near. Now, we will have to wait to know if there will be any official statement, as the Pentagon has done with the UFO videos, or rather it will be an extraterrestrial arrival.

What do you think about Google Earth images showing a UFO hidden among Antarctic ice? Is it an alien spacecraft? Pareidolia? Or do you have another explanation?

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