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San Diego’s Rhino Birth Could Save Another Rhino Species From Almost Ex.tin.ct!

The northern white rhino, which is on the verge of, is being saved thanks to the southern white rhino!

Livia is one of six southern white rhinos that make up a small herd and were transported to San Diego in 2015 from South Africa. The three of them have now demonstrated their capacity to conceive to term and care for their unborn children.

On November 27, 2019, Future, a young rhino who is less than a week old, stands with his mother Amani inside the enclosure at San Diego Zoo Park. At birth, he weighed more than 100 pounds, and he now weighs twice as much. They can weigh more than 4,000 pounds when they reach adulthood.

Future Rhino, as his name implies, is the hope for the future of the Northern Rhino!

The day begins with the young rhino leading its mother Livia on a thrilling run around the rhino enclosure on the east side of the San Diego Safari Park Zoo. The young rhinoceros entered a puddle, smelled the water, and then rolled over and laid down. That mud bath keeps the animal cool, shields it from the sun’s damaging rays, and keeps bugs from hiding!

In their efforts to save the [crit.ically end.ang.ered] northern white rhinoceros, researchers from San Diego are making progress.

These six females are being studied by reproductive scientists from the San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance in the hopes that one day they will serve as surrogate mothers for the closely related northern white rhinoceros.

Due to war and poaching, this species is on the verge of They are attempting to breed a genetically pure northern white rhinoceros.

Researchers are still working out exactly how to do this!

Northern white embryos were created by German researchers using eggs from two living females. However, creating embryos is only half the battle because no rhino species has ever successfully transferred embryos.

The Sumatran rhino population has shrunk to around 60 individuals. So they have to intervene before the herd becomes too small to sustain itself.

All scientists are working hard in the hope of creating a northern white rhino before it’s too late!
May the world always treat these priceless creatures with kindness!

Watch the precious video below:

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