Russiα Hides The Existence of An Advanced Underwater “extraterrestrial Civilization” in The Siberian Sea(VIDEO)

There is a very peculiar supernatural activity suspected of involving alien creatures, responsible for mysterious events related to the Russian submarines of Soviet Union times.

However, it seems that the Russian authorities want to keep what is happening under the utmost secrecy and all the archives in this matter have been sealed. Now, two researchers named Paul Stonehill and Phillip Mantle have decided to come to an end to these mysterious events.

During their investigation, both researchers found some evidence related to alien underwater activity, managing to get in contact with many witnesses.

Many of these witnesses report encounters with aquatic aliens as well as many strange objects sighted at the bottom of the ocean. According to one of the witnesses, there is one race of humanoid aliens that live under the sea and they are nicknamed “swimmers”.

They are 10 feet tall and dress in silver clothes, and they are thought to live in frozen waters.

As a matter of fact, one member of the Soviet Army tried to capture one of these creatures but he was repelled by a huge amount of energy coming from the alien.

At the same time, both researchers studied this phenomenon in the Bermuda Triangle, claiming that many people before them tried to talk about strange activities like those aforementioned occurring in the Atlantic Ocean. Have a look at the following video for more information and share your opinions with us.

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