Albert Einstein Visited Roswell In 1947 To Study UFO Wreckage And Aliens (VIDEO)

Recently emerged taped conversations say the UK-based genius was flown by top secret agents to Roswell, in New Mexico back in 1947 to examine the debris of a crashed UFO, complete with aliens inside.

The out-of-this-world claims state that Einstein and his assistant Dr. Shirley Wright were flown to the site under government direction to examine the bodies and the crash site of the “extraterrestrial vehicle.”

The bizarre assertions about extraterrestrials were made by Dr. Shirley Wright, who felt an obligation to “reveal the truth”. The 1993 tapes, in which she discusses aliens and UFOs, have only recently been made public

The statement said that Einstein and his assistant, Dr. Shirley Wright, were brought to the scene by government order to inspect the bodies and crash site of the “extraterrestrial vehicle.”

According to Shirley, she feels obligated to “reveal the truth.” She said that Einstein, “the most famous theoretical physicist of the 20th century,” was asked to visit the secret base in July 1947 to give his expert opinion.

On the tape, she says that she and Einstein were asked to take part in a “crisis conference” that was held at the airbase with the participation of other military and scientists.

Audio files have since surfaced featuring an interview with Shirley, who said in the tapes that she felt an “obligation to history to reveal the truth.”

Dr Wright recorded the account in 1993, but only now has it been made public.

They were shown an alien plane: “It was disc-shaped, sort of concave. Its dimensions reached one fourth of the hangar floor. The aircraft was damaged on one side. The hull of the ship was covered in reflective material, but when we got close to it, it became rather dull. ”

“Einstein was not disturbed at all by seeing the actual evidence. I didn’t record in my notes his initial comments but he said something to the effect that he was not surprised that they came to Earth and that it gave him hope that we could learn more about the universe. Contact, he said, should be a benefit for both of our worlds.”

She then went on to talk about how they saw the aliens themselves.

She said, “Some specialists were allowed to take a closer look, including my boss. They all looked the same to me, all five. They were about five feet tall, hairless, with large heads and huge dark eyes, and their skin was gray with a slight greenish tinge, but most of their bodies were not naked as they were wearing tight-fitting suits. But I heard that they had no navels or genitals.”

She then revealed that there was another trip where one alien was still alive and saw him “writhe in pain,” but she was taken out of the building while Einstein, who had a different clearance, was allowed to stay.

Dr. Wright also said she had vowed to be a secret and said that this visit would be rejected through all official channels if she suddenly spoke up.

The Albert Einstein Foundation stated that they have no records of Einstein’s whereabouts as of this date.

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