Researcher Vitaly Goh found an ancient underground Pyramid in Crimea

In 1991, a unique complex of seven underground pyramids was discovered in Crimea. Their height is 45 -52 meters, and the peaks are almost at ground level. The pyramids were discovered by the scientist Vitaly Gokh, who conducted research at this place to find underground water sources.

The sources were found exactly in the place where the pyramids are located, then, as a result of drilling by a group of scientists led by V. Goh, an incredible discovery was made – a gypsum concrete slab of high strength was found.

Further studies led to stunning conclusions: it turned out to be a pyramid, filled up to the top with various rocks as a result of the flood.

All scientists agree on one thing: these pyramids are real and unique. We scanned the pyramids with various modern devices, as a result of which new ones were discovered. Of all the pyramids found in Crimea, the pyramid located in the Ai-Petri region is recognized as the largest. Under one of them, a statue of the Sphinx was found, it is smaller than the Egyptian Sphinx, but outwardly it exactly repeats its outline, but looks to the west.

Even before the discovery of these pyramids, a curvature of space-time was noticed in that area. This incredible discovery led to the development of a unique technology for the decontamination of nuclear waste and radiation, this technology was called torsion reversible pulse matrix extrapolation resonance. I

n 2009, already in the mountainous Crimea, another amazing and incredible discovery was made: another unique pyramidal complex was found as a result of the application of the method of torsion pulse-dispersed reflex scanning. Unlike other pyramids found earlier, the newly discovered pyramids are not underground: they are located in the rock.

They are made of artificially processed stone blocks. To date, 4 unique pyramids have been discovered there. They differ in shape from the previously discovered pyramids: they are round in shape with a truncated top, and resemble one of the oldest and most mysterious pyramids in Egypt – the pyramid of Djoser. In total in the Crimea region on this moment discovered 37 pyramids.

Stonehenge is located on the same line of intersection with the Crimean pyramids, mysterious pyramids in Tibet, as well as Easter Island. Currently, a comprehensive study of this group of unique pyramids is underway, as well as a search for new pyramids of the Crimea. The Crimean pyramids were accidentally discovered by Ph.D. Vitaliy Goh in April 2001.


This became, perhaps, the loudest archaeological discovery of the 21st century. The age of these gigantic creations of human hands far exceeds the age of the Egyptian pyramids. It is possible that the development of the civilization that built them is higher than ours. The first of the seven pyramids was discovered by Vitaly Goh’s group on the outskirts of Sevastopol.

We were looking for thermal waters. Suddenly the device recorded a microwave field within a radius of 100 meters. Goh realized that there was an unusual object underground. They began to manually dig a hole at a depth of 9.5 meters and stumbled upon one of the faces of the pyramid.

Having pushed through the wall, the searchers went 38m underground, pulling out about 40 tons of soil from the well with a ten-liter bucket, making three scrap, two sledgehammers and five chisels unusable.

As a result of titanic work, the search engines found out that the object has the geometric shape of a pyramid. Its height is 45 meters, and the length of the base is 72. The ratio of the side of the base to the height is 1.6. This is the standard for all pyramids open to date.

In total, using the device, Goh’s group discovered seven pyramids. They are located on the same line – from Cape Sarych to the northwestern part of the Kamyshovaya Bay coast. To break through a layer of earth and rock debris, the researchers needed special equipment and equipment for a substantial amount.

For some reason, the official scientific authorities of Ukraine were not interested in the find. When contacting the Crimean branch of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, a refusal followed, in the absence of at least some comment about the discovery of the pyramids. When asked about the financing of the work, the branch was silent.

On their own, the group members analyzed the material of the Crimean and Egyptian pyramids, comparing it with a chip from one of the pyramids in Giza. And they were surprised to find that practically the same material was used in the construction of the pyramids both in Egypt and in the Crimea!

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