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‘A Light At The End Of The Tunnel,’ Firefighters Rescue Dog Lost In California Mudslide, Reunite Her With Family

It’s always heartbreaking to lose a pet, especially when they are lost in a natural disaster. You are left worrying and wondering if you’ll ever see your beloved pet again.

But one family recently found a “light at the end of the tunnel,” tearfully reuniting with their dog who was lost for days following a mudslide.

Southern California recently suffered massive mudslides caused by a tropical storm. According to AP, the mudslides were large enough to damage homes and sweep away cars.

But for one family, the devastation was a lot more personal. On September 12, a dog named Chloe was swept up by a mudslide that struck the community of Forest Falls, California.

But the community did not give up hope of finding the missing dog. The Sam Bernadino County Fire Department began “48 hours of intense search operations” through the rubble.

After two days, they got a miracle: they found Chloe alive, “in a void space surrounded by dense mud and debris,” the department wrote.

And after Chloe was found safe, it was time for her to reunite with her worried owners.

In a video shared by the fire department, Chloe is thrilled as she sees her family again, and they’re even more happy to see her. The department described them as “overjoyed” after two days of waiting and worrying.

They also wrote that the dog “thanked her rescuers,” and you can see Chloe go up to members of the fire crew as if to show her gratitude.

After two days of worrying that the dog was gone for good, it was no doubt an incredible moment to see their pet again.

“There is light at the end of the tunnel,” the fire department wrote.

We’re so glad Chloe is safe and sound, and reunited with her overjoyed family!

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