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Rescue cat turns broken jaw into gorgeous smile

Fluffy little stray cat Duchess has been dubbed the ‘Miracle Kitty’ after she somehow survived being hit by a car.

Duchess was a stray who was brought into the vet clinic after being hit by a car, which broke her jaw and banged her up pretty bad.

Her jaw was broken in the accident and she faced a multitude of other health complications. Her chances of survival were extremely slim but, somehow, she pulled through thanks to doctors at the Adobe Animal Hospital in Texas.

Duchess needed to have the majority of her teeth removed and her jaw was wired back together. She was then put into recovery for a month, where she was kept on a feeding tube and lots of medicine.

Though she can now use her jaw, doctors were not able to put it back exactly how it was before the accident.

The result is that her healed jaw has given her a permanent smile, and people can’t get enough of it.

The best thing of all to come from this story, however, is that Duchess has now found a home.

She was in recovery for about a month, she was on a feeding tube and lots of medicine. Her chances of survival were slim, but she was a fighter and pulled through.

One of the clinic staff, Tate, had met Duchess on her first day of work, and she fell in love at first sight. She ended up bringing her home less than a week later.

“She reminds me everyday that each day is a gift and that miracles really do happen.”

Now with an animal doctor for a mother, Duchess has all the support she could ever need – more so than she could ever imagine, in fact, as unbeknownst to her, Duchess now has a fundraising page, to help raise the money to carry out more reconstructive surgery, which will help straighten her jaw more and improve her quality of life.

This means that when it’s done, Duchess may not wear a smile as big as she does now, but she’ll be smiling more on the inside.
Duchess wasn’t expected to survive, but now she’s a happy house kitty who loves on everybody.

All Credits Picture: Facebook / Duchess- The Miracle Kitty

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