Red-eyed Creature Spotted Lurking in Shallow Florida River – Terrifying Footage Captured!

Alligators are fascinating creatures that have been around for millions of years. They are known for their powerful jaws and sharp teeth, but did you know that they also have a devilish glow in their eyes? This distinctive red glow is a good way to be alert that there is an alligator nearby at night.

Larry Lynch, a photographer, captured this eerie glow in an alligator’s eyes from just seven meters away. He knew that the alligators were hanging out in a certain area, and all he had to do was find one that would cooperate. By setting his flash to the lowest setting, Larry caught the fearsome glint in the alligator’s eyes.

Alligator with red eyes

Like cats, alligators’ eyes make the most of low light with special photoreceptor cells. However, unlike cats, in alligators, the reflection is red. This is because alligators have a layer of cells called tapetum lucidum behind their retina that reflects light back through the retina, giving their eyes a red glow.

Florida alligator lying in wait

This red glow is not just a cool visual effect; it also serves a practical purpose. Alligators are nocturnal animals, and their red eyes help them see better in low light conditions. The red glow also helps them to hunt more effectively by making it easier to spot prey in the dark.

Photos show dozens of Florida alligators with 'glowing' eyes at night

If you ever find yourself in an area where alligators are known to live, keep an eye out for their devilish glow. It’s a good way to be aware of their presence and avoid any potential danger. Remember to always keep a safe distance from alligators and never approach them, especially during mating season or when they are protecting their young.

In conclusion, alligators are fascinating creatures with many unique features, including their devilish glow. This red glow is a good way to be alert that there is an alligator nearby at night and serves a practical purpose for the alligator’s nocturnal lifestyle. So, the next time you see an alligator’s red eyes glowing in the dark, remember to keep a safe distance and appreciate the beauty of nature’s design.

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