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Mystery of the Real “Men in Black “: Ufologist are Sure That They are Not Humans

Ufologists tend to take the problem of “men in black” quite seriously. Now the most common version is that “men in black” are cyborgs, biorobots that are sent to Earth by aliens to cover up too obvious traces of its visit by unidentified objects, as well as to neutralize those who are too zealously trying to study this phenomenon…

Alien artifacts simply bought
In 1880, New Mexico residents Jerome Clark and Lucius Farish told from the pages of the Santa Fe Daily New Mexico that on the evening of March 26 they saw a flying ship in the form of a cigar, equipped with a huge propeller. There were ten passengers in the open gondola of the strange ship.

The ship turned right and left, changed speed, descended, soared up, at times flew up to the very ground.

Witnesses claimed that the ship’s passengers waved at them, laughed and shouted something in an unfamiliar language. In general, their behavior was similar to the behavior of people in a state of intoxication. Apparently, it was also reflected in the chaotic flight of the ship. One of the passengers threw several items overboard.

The editors of the newspaper suggested that the flying ship was nothing more than an airship. In those days, they were already making their first flights, but they were practically uncontrollable and, of course, they could not maneuver the way the ship seen by Clark and Farish did.

The first controlled flight in an airship equipped with an engine was carried out in France only four years later, in 1884. In 23 minutes, this airship managed to cover a distance of 8 kilometers.

After some time, a beautiful flower, a strip of silky paper with letters similar to hieroglyphs, and a very skillfully made cup were found near the nearest railway station.

All of these items, apparently dropped from the mysterious “blimp”, soon disappeared under very unusual circumstances. A man dressed in all black came to the station and asked the employee to show him the things he had found. After examining them, he stated that the flower was obviously made of artificial materials, since it had not withered, and suggested that the flower and other objects come from Asia.

And then he offered for them such money, which the railwayman could not refuse. Items have not been found so far, despite all efforts.

This case, which took place more than a century ago, when UFOs were not yet heard of, is surprisingly reminiscent of modern events associated with these mysterious objects.

In the archives of ufologists there is a lot of evidence of the appearance of some “men in black” who are hunting for objects related to UFOs, and for eyewitnesses who probably saw something that people should not see.

“Men in Black” pick up cow c arcasses
In 1963, when reports began to appear in American newspapers of strange cattle mutilations, farmer David Russell saw from the veranda of his house a dark oblong object that was maneuvering in the starry sky, gradually descending.

At his approach, the cows and dogs showed great anxiety. And when the object flew over the field, a hatch opened in its bottom and some objects fell from there. The object did not react to this in any way and continued to fly, hiding behind the hills.

Before calling the police, Russell decided to go take a look at what had fallen from the mysterious machine. These were pieces of cow carcasses that looked rather unusual. All of them were stripped of skin and exsanguinated.

The cuts were perfectly even, especially noticeable where the “saw” went over the bones. The farmer was struck by the fact that cow carcasses emitted a faint light at the saw cuts. He returned to the house and contacted the police by phone.

After some time, he looked out the window and, to his surprise, found that some people were already walking near the strange remains. The police could not arrive in such a short time, so Russell went to them to find out who they were.

People were dressed somewhat unusually for this remote area: in strict black suits, white shirts and black ties. All had hats on their heads. Strangers stuffed pieces of carcasses into bags. When asked by the farmer, one of them showed him an FBI agent ID and ordered him to keep quiet about today’s incident.

For some reason, with bags, they went not to the highway, but to the nearest grove, where they disappeared. Moreover, they carried heavy bags as if they weighed nothing.

The police arrived an hour later. Law enforcement officers were surprised by the farmer’s story. Nevertheless, they informed the authorities, and the next day, FBI agents again appeared to Russell, but already others, interrogated him and examined the place where the pieces of cow carcasses lay.

Russell told about this case only twenty-five years later. One of the policemen who visited him that night confirmed his report.

Men In Black

The wreckage of a UFO should not fall into the hands of terrestrial scientists
Almost a similar story happened in 1985 in Minnesota. There, “

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