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Simba And Nala, The Rare White Lions That Have Been Born Far from The Destructive Hand of Man

Even in the face of catastrophic climate change and man’s will to bargain with the lives of animals, certain species refuse to vanish from the world. That is why the news of the birth of two rare, nearly extinct lions has brought us such excitement.

It’s about Simba and Nala, two small lions whose names we’ve all heard of since Disney reminded us of the lovely childhood adventure “The Lion King.” And the reality is that seeing these small ones confirms that we are dealing with jungle lords.


The felines were born in a French sanctuary at the end of July and were recently introduced to the public through a publication by the ‘Caresse de tiger’ group.

The charity cares for wild animals rescued from circuses and zoological parks on more than 3,000 hectares of magnificent scenery on the banks of the Seine.

The Sanctuary now shelters twelve large cats, but Simba and Nala have rapidly become the center of attention.

The neonates are currently living with the Sanctuary’s directors, sleeping inside their home and getting along swimmingly with their puppies.

A lovely video of the tiny ones in action demonstrates this:

These white lions are a one-of-a-kind and critically endangered species. In actuality, the little ones live in southern Africa’s Timbavati and Kruger National Parks because to a peculiar genetic mutation, although they were considered extinct for at least twelve years before being reintroduced into the wild in 2004.

The news strikes us with passion in this particular situation of certain species that are on the verge of extinction on our planet.

Nala and Simba have had a wonderful childhood together. However, their futures will diverge, as the male will be moved to another sanctuary in France, while Nala will be housed at a Sanctuary in the United Kingdom.


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