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Proud Giant Mama Rat Drags Human By Her Hand To Show Off Her Newborn Babies

A video revealing a big rat grabbing her human’s finger and also dragging her to display her baby is going viral, advising us of just how little we actually learn about rats– one of the smartest pets on the planet.

Pets often do such things that leave their pet parents absolutely surprised. At times those moments turn up online after being recorded and they leave others amazed too. Just like this video showcasing a mama rat showing off her babies to her human.

Rats are extremely social and communicate with each other using high-frequency sounds that we can’t hear without instrumentation. They such as to play with each other, cuddle, as well as battle. Jaak Panksepp, a neuroscientist at Bowling Green State University, recommends that when playing or being pleased, rats make chirping audios that are strikingly comparable to human giggling.”

The video has been posted on Reddit a few hours ago. It was shared on a subreddit aptly named “Aww.” There is a chance you will be inclined to say that too after watching the video. “Mother rat shows [sic] her babies,” reads the caption posted with the wonderful video.

The video opens to show the mama rat with her babies inside a box-like c ontainer kept on a table. A person is also seen sitting in front of it with their hands on the table.

The video then shows how, within moments, the rat mama pics one of its babies and gently places it in front of the human and instantly go back to bring another. This goes on until she takes all her babies to the human.

The video has been posted some 15 hours ago. Since being shared, the clip has accumulated a little over 12,000 upvotes and the numbers are only increasing. The share has also prompted people to post various comments. Many wrote how much they loved the video. A few also shared how they want to have rats as pets too.

When rats bond with their human buddies, it’s permanently. So, if they’re unexpectedly handed out to another person or neglected, they can also die of unhappiness. Just like humans, if they don’t have friendships, rats obtain lonesome, anxious, stressed, and also depressed.

“Ok, the babysitter is here! See yall later!” joked a Reddit user. “I always forget how intelligent rats are! Such smart little babies” posted another. “I made this one… and this one… and this one…,” expressed a third. “She wants you to keep them warm,” commented a fourth. “Here hooman.

Love them like you love me,” shared a fifth. “I want to adopt a rat too,” replied a sixth. “She just screams, ‘Hi. Yes. I made these jellybeans. Very proud’,” wrote a seventh.
Oh, and the big rat we see in the video is most likely a Giant Pouched rat. These types of rats are used in Africa to sniff out landmines. Talk about intelligent creatures!

What are your thoughts on the video?

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