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Project for Strange Planet Serpo: The Real Account of a Covert Interplanetary Journey

Len Kasten’s novel “Secret Journey to Planet Serpo” is based on genuine occurrences. In 1965, a massive alien spacecraft from the Zeta Reticuli star system made its way to Las Vegas. The fact that this place is also known as Area 51 may have made you aware of it.

Kennedy came up with “Project Crystal Knight,” a human-for-Serpo trade scheme. Twelve individuals had been invited to reside with the alien guests, known as Ebens, for a year on their planet Serpo.

On the route to Serpo, wormholes were traversed and the speed of light was reached using antigravity spacecraft. On the journey, a pilot, however, passed away suddenly.

After 24 months on the planet, the team became time-displaced and ended up staying for an additional three years. Throughout the tour, the Ebens were very friendly and generous with their expertise. Only seven crew members made it back to Earth in 1978.

The details of “Project Crystal Knight” were painstakingly detailed in “The Final Report,” and are now known to the general public.

It’s unbelievable and incomprehensible that such important events have gone undetected, but perhaps the story will now be shared with the world.

These two movies have further information.

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