Hyena Walks Right Into a Pride of Lions and the Ending Is Unexpected

Lion vs. Hyena: Who Wins in a Fight?

Here’s who wins in a fight between a lion and a hyena.

Because hyenas have neither the speed nor the agility of a tiger nor the size and strength of the elephant, a hyena stands little chance against a lion in a one-on-one duel. 

However,a fight between a group of lions and hyenas has an uncertain outcome. One in Ethiopia resulted in the death of 35 hyenas and 6 lions.

If you want to learn all about who wins in a fight between a lion and a hyena, then you’re in the right place.

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Who Wins a Fight Between a Lion and a Hyena?

Animals use aggression as a means of communication.

Several factors are responsible for aggressive interactions among animal species, the two most important are territory and food.

The traditional rule in the wild is “survival of the fittest,” and all animals use any possible means to win the battle for life.

This necessity results in violent clashes, which may involve the death of one of the combatants.

The epic struggle for survival is being waged continuously in all ecosystems around the world.

Is There a Rivalry Between Lions and Hyenas?

So we need to unpack the facts about these two formidable rivals. The question becomes, who really is the master of the savannah: the lion or the hyenas?

Below we will discuss how the two rivals stack up against each other.

Who Is the Better Hunter: Lion or Hyena?

Who are better hunters among these rivals? You might be surprised by the answer because it’s the hyenas.

They are more successful hunters than the fabled lions. Their hunting success rate in groups can be as high as 74%, while the success rate of lions hardly exceeds 30%.

What Causes the Rivalry Between Lions and Hyenas?These two animals usually compete for common resources, such as food and space. The rivalry between the lions and hyenas is related to the fact that both hunt almost the same animals.

Although the hyenas are better known as scavengers, they are also competent hunters.

Therefore, the hyenas can become a nuisance for the lions when they interfere with hunting attacks or steal the lion’s kill.

How Dangerous Are Hyenas?

The hyenas possess several dangerous behaviors which can frighten even the fearless lions.

Hyenas are much more aggressive when consuming their kill. Some might even call it greedy. They rarely leave much of their victims, often consuming all of their flesh and bones. However, they are unwilling to eat hooves, hair, and horns.
Their excellent night vision allows them to hunt in the dark.
A single hyena is not troublesome for male African lions. However, since hyenas usually attack in groups, they can pose a powerful threat. Hyenas often run in groups of sometimes around a dozen animals which are called hyena clans.
Their physical features allow them to camouflage themselves easily into the dry and large grasses of savanna.
Hyenas can be pretty good fighters in a one-on-one battle. They have been known to defeat baboons and honey badgers in such duels.
Are Lions Fearful of Hyenas?

What makes a lion fearful of these much smaller animals? Other animals also fear hyenas.

What strikes such fear in so many animals, including lions, is that hyenas almost always fight in groups.

In a group attack, they outnumber a lion by a he avy margin and can tear it to pieces.

What makes it worse is noticing a single hyena is a sure sign that there are probably many more in the vicinity.

What is even more frustrating for a lion is that hyenas can usually withstand an attack by a lion.

However, hyenas are highly aggressive when it comes to defending their territories.

A single big cat, such as a lion, can easily be killed if it is unfortunate to walk straight into their territory.

A hyena’s effectiveness is also enhanced by the communication between clan members, which helps them make a coordinated attack.

Can a Hyena Kill a Lion?

Now let’s imagine a duel between a hyena and a lion. Both have strong claims to the throne.

Who would win such a fight?

The lion (and even lioness) will not lose to an animal half of its size. Right?

Because hyenas have neither the speed nor the agility of a tiger nor the size and strength of the elephant, a hyena stands little chance against a lion in a one-on-one duel.

The lion often emerges victorious in such an encounter.

The supremely powerful built and aerodynamically balanced moves of the lion are more than a hyena can match.

In such fights, the lion usually bites the neck of a hyena and suffocates it to death.

Is a Fight Between a Lion and a Hyena One-Sided?

The fight between a lion and a hyena is far from one-sided.

The jaws of hyenas are quite strong, and they are perfectly capable of killing a lion and breaking its bones.

Even a victorious lion will have sustained acute injuries during any duel between these two rivals.

A single mistake by the lion can spell the end of everything for him. And if a young, strong hyena faces an injured, old, or very young lion, it will probably win.

The hyenas increase their chances of success by attacking in groups.

For example, the hyenas swarm around the lion in a group and rip it apart by attacking from multiple directions.

A Pack of Hyenas vs. a Pride of Lions: Who Would Win in a Fight?

Since we have assessed reasonable outcomes of a one-on-one duel, one may find it interesting to assume that a battle between their respective groups has an even more uncertain outcome.

What is for certain is such a battle can have dangerous outcomes for both groups.

For example, a savage battle that ensued between the two groups in Ethiopia reportedly resulted in the death of 35 hyenas and six lions.

The battle was savage and fought valiantly by both groups.

The dead ones were mostly those who were isolated from their companions.

It had the appearance of a real battle between two medieval armies, with both unwilling to give the ground.

Why Are Hyenas Not the “Kings of the Jungle?”

Now that we know how these two rivals stack up against one another, it begs the question about who is the rightful king of the jungle?

The answer is still the lion. Why?

While a tiger or mountain lion may be compared to African lions for kingship in their respective habitats, no one will probably ever mention the hyenas.

Let’s have a look at the reasons why.

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