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Possum Tries To Steal Cat’s Food, And Cat’s Reaction Is Priceless

I’m a pretty chilled out kinda guy, I don’t get angry so easily. But come between me and my food and you’re dead meat! So I can really sympathize with the plight of this poor kitty, who went out for dinner only to find an impostor out there, tucking in uninvited!

Rather than the expected paws-of-fury, this cutie reacted with a rather impotent whine to its owner, as if to say ”why are you allowing this to happen to me?”

Faced with nothing more than a pretty tame looking possum, this cat seems to have lost its natural instincts when it comes to protecting its food. Still, it makes for an amusing story, as told by Imgur user MrRogers247.

The look on the kitty’s face is just too much, as it implores its owner. “Come on man, just do something!” The plucky possum will not be budged however, and it looks like this time it’s possum 1, cat 0.


Woman Adopts Earless And Deaf Senior Cat Everybody Ignored, And Later He Saves Her

When grad student Molly Lichtenwalner who suffers from anxiety disorder saw Otitis, the earless white cat, she immediately understood they were meant for each other.

Otitis, whose former owners surrendered him after the cysts in his ears and the removal of his hearing organs made him deaf, couln’t have asked for a better owner – Molly used to have a deaf pup, and has her own ways when dealing with pets with special needs.

She showered the poor thing with love – and the feline gave all that goodness back in return – and more…

“I was having severe anxiety as a result of a car accident… I decided it was time for me to adopt an animal to help with my anxiety, because nothing helped me more than snuggling some furry friends,” Molly told Love Meow.

Otitis turned out to be the best emotional support cat Molly could have hoped for. The feline feels so grateful for being rescued, he wants to give Molly snuggles all the time!

Otitis knows how to help her when she’s really stressed or having a panic attack. “He is some times the only thing that can calm me down… He’s the best thing I ever did and he definitely rescued me, I didn’t rescue him.”



“Living with him is an absolute dream! He is the most loving, snuggly cat and he makes me feel so loved,” Molly told Bored Panda.



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