Helping hand to poor Elephant starving for five days in an abandoned well

Helping hand to poor Elephant starving for five days in an abandoned well

Today is another rescue mission day. The officers are moving deep into the forest. It is an agricultural land beneath the forest. We can see an Elephant is fallen into a well. These kinds of wells are constructed within the lands to support agricultural activities. According to the report, the Elephant has been here for about five days.

Since this is not a very crowded area ,it might have taken a longer time for people to see him. The poor creature cannot come out due to the concrete walls. His strength must have wanned since he is starving for days.

Rescuing the animal will be also much harder for the wildlife conservation officers. If you have seen our previous rescue videos, the Elephants are usually rescued by using an excavator and the wells are mud wells that are dug inside the land.

But here, the scenario is different as the well is adequately fenced with a concrete wall. Lets’ see how this mission goes.

As you can see, the well is exactly the size of the Elephant. Using an excavator will be easy, but it might cause injuries for the animal. The walls of the well are slippery due to its concrete walls. If the walls are mud walls, the Elephant might get out by making the necessary friction by his leg.

Here we can see the people have put a tree stem to the back of the well. This is basically to support the Elephant to climb up. The officers attempt to break the concrete wall so that the Elephant can come out.
We can see that the Elephant is not moving or trying to come out. This is because he is too tired and does not have enough energy to climb up. The officers and the villagers try to push him with the bark but he doesn’t move.

The well mouth is widened with small tools too at the same time. Since any of these strategies are not working, we can see that the people will get the help of a larger rope. It is not that clear what they are going to do with the rope but let’s see.
The officers tie the ropes to a vehicle tire and put it inside the well like a floating device. The people are trying everything they can do to rescue this animal’s life, and this really should be appreciated. Take a close look to the well. The whole concrete wall is broken down and the well is widened a bit.
Since any of these didn’t work, the people has called for an excavator. The well is too small to excavate and it really has a significant effect for the life of the animal. But let’s see how it goes. They started to dig an inclined path from the excavator to make a road for the Elephant to walk out safely.

Now the road is made. The excavator prepares t he canal. The Elephant tried to move out again, but he can’t. The animal is so tired since he is inside the well for the past 3 days.

The people try to drag him out with a rope, but he is a larger animal, and the effort is useless. Again the excavator starts to dig the canal. People are gathered here to support this animal and they are too going through a lot.

The well is completely destroyed, but the villagers do not even consider such matters as the only thing they want is to save this life. Once the next canal is made, some firecrackers were put towards the animal.

This is not to harm him but to make him more motivated and come out of the well. Even though he is scared of the firecrackers he can’t move out since he is so tired. People are shouting to not to put firecrackers since they see that the animal is tired. It really doesn’t need a language to understand one’s feelings. Isn’t it?

After all those chaos , still he needs some help. The excavator’s arm was carefully inserted inside the well to support the back legs of the Elephant. But he still cant get out. So the excavator carefully clears the area around the Elephant to make him more comfortably move out. But now, the animal completely turns to the opposite side. People try to turn him back to the canal.

They try to pull him towards that direction with the help of a rope.See the effort of the people. It is not an easy task to drag an Elephant out of a pit. But with a team work , nothing is impossible. Finally , the fellow is out. But see he is a not an adult.Elephants have the right to live peacefully on this earth.

See how people can work together to save a life? They could save a noble life of endangered elephant.

Source: Elephant Zone

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