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Dumped pitbull pup adopted by the firefighter who saved her

How lovely, happy ending and that dog will give so much joy to the family. ❤

Rescued strays always remember the kind people who saved them from a miserable life on the streets. At first, things didn’t look very bright for Chunk. The puppy was badly “neglected” and eventually dumped and tied to a tree, writes lexnau.com


It was a freezing October night when beautiful Chunk was “dumped” after months of “neglect” and “abuse”.
Luckily a group of Sacramento firefighters passed Chunk on the way to answer a call. Chunk was still there tied to the same tree, suffering from mange.

Agonized by what they saw, they couldn’t imagine leaving her in such a bad way. So, Mike Thawley and his crew brought her back to the firehouse.
The compassionate firefighters nurtured the poor pup. She had swollen legs, and mange, but more than anything else, she was longing for affection.


When they arrived back, she was given a bath and kept warm, and of course, wanting the best for Chunkie, the fire crew decided it would be best she was taken to a shelter where she could be properly cared for and rehoused.

Despite their kind hearts, the firefighters were definitely no vets, and the pooch seriously needed to see one.

The next morning the men dropped Chunk off at the Front Street Animal Shelter, to receive the treatment she needed so badly. The staff immediately treated her mange and dressed her in a shirt to keep her nice and warm until her fur grows back.

Despite knowing she was in the best hands at the shelter, Thawley couldn’t stop thinking about Chunkie, and the following day, he returned to the shelter to pay her a visit.

He wanted to let the sick pup know she wasn’t alone in the world, and that he still cared.

It was clear to everyone who saw their reunion that Chunk was very grateful for everything he’d done for her. She climbed him, kissed him, and wagged her tail continuously.

Within a few days of meeting her, the adorable Pitbull was adopted by the firefighter and his family. They were so determined to give her a home, that they had to wait for four months until she’d finish her comprehensive mange treatment.

Thank you very much for saving this beautiful and precious little pup and giving her a forever home all the love to good luck to you both you are a hero!

Watch the adorable moment Thawley visits the lonely Pitbull at the shelter:


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Source: woofwoof.tv

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