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Pentagon Released More Than 1,500 Pages Of Actual Accounts Involving The Mysterious Visitors To Earth

The document, which was requested in 2017 under the Freedom of Information Act, was finally released Tuesday. It confirms, at least according to Pope, what pilots have been reporting for years.

The latest space reports confirmed that the Pentagon released more than 1,500 pages of actual accounts involving the mysterious visitors to Earth. The files show how the secretive program of the US government kept contact with the suspected life forms for many years.

According to a report by The Sun, the detailed information and images associated with the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program or AAITP were requested by their team after the Pentagon publicized the classified information on December 18, 2017.

Defense Intelligence Agency and the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program

Through the Freedom of Information Act, the journalists immediately filed for copies of the said documents following the agency’s announcement. After over four consecutive years, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) of the Pentagon finally released a comprehensive issue of the project, all discussed in a 1,574-page top-secret journal.

According to the report, the documents consist of numerous scientific research and classified letters circulated to the Pentagon in studies of cosmic beings.

The goldmine shows how biological research was carried out to explain the phenomenon that people experience following first-hand contact with space neighbors. Each of the studies was categorized based on specific fields such as technology, psychology, and paranormal.

DIA said that some parts of the documents were either redacted or were not included in the release due to concerns about confidentiality and participant privacy. However, the agency emphasized that there were no accounts left-out to change or tamper with the records they publicized reasonably.

Flying saucer and two grey realistic alien in space. 3D characters. Digital illustration. Digital art. digital painting.

Among the concerning portions presented in the papers were the incident reports of biological impacts caused by the rare sightings of people. The portion is titled “Anomalous Acute and Subacute Field Effects on Human and Biological Tissues.”

The DIA documents clearly stated that contacts with unknown visitors range from sleep disturbances to cardiovascular issues. Freak accounts of ‘apparent abduction’ and even pregnancy were written in the documents.


According to the classified papers, first-hand contacts frequently produce injuries associated with an electromagnetic type of radiation. In most cases, the reports mention ‘energy-related propulsion systems.’ As per the studies, these technologies serve as a ‘threat to the United States’ interests.’

Isolated cases revealed in the study show people being injured through ‘exposures to anomalous vehicles.’ The paper adds that the accounts are prominent ‘especially airborne and when in close proximity,’ the paper adds.

The number of medical files related to the anomaly sums to 42 cases. However, there are still 300 unpublished findings that involve other victims of the mysterious accidents.

AATIP is a branch of the Pentagon behind the peculiar investigations over our space friends. The program ran between 2007 to 2021 and was introduced to the public by its former intelligence head office Luis Elizondo.

In a protocol included in the US Acquisition Threat Support, guidelines on how to categorize ‘anomalous behavior’ were listed. The encounters with the class of the most bizarre individual collection are labeled ‘AN3,’ while encounters with space beings are labeled ‘CE3.’

Developments of how we could contact the aloof neighbors and deployment of deep space ventures were also suggested in the documents.

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