Pentagon insider reveals: “Anunnaki Alien beeing are actually returning to our planet” (VIDEO)

The Anunnaki are returning to Earth, according to a Pentagon source. The Sumerian gods, according to Stan Deyo, are returning to our world.

The comets Ison and Encke are attributed to the Anunnaki. With two well-known celestial objects, one could wonder why these two comets were given their names.

As Anunnaki and one of their key commanders, Anu, the word “on” is related with the word “an” (pronounced “on”).

Encke was a Sumerian god who was also known as Ea (this is why our planet would be called Earth). Enki was the god of craftsmanship, mischief, water, intelligence, and creation all at the same time.

Many individuals, however, have reported seeing a sequence of abnormalities in the sky that we can only interpret as UFOs because there are no stars or planets in that area of the sky. Furthermore, several stories claim that these UFOs alter color and size.

If those comets are actually Anunnaki spaceships, the government would be justified in concealing the information that they are approaching our planet.

However, doing so just serves to keep us ignorant, leading us to believe that we are alone in the cosmos.

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