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Pentagon Has No Logical Explanation For Almost 100 Alien UFO Sightings


The study comes from a military task team formed last year to look into decades of inexplicable airplane sightings in US airspace.

The Pentagon claimed it sought to “better its understanding” of unexplained aerial phenomena (UAPs), popularly known as UFOs, and see if they constituted a national security danger.

The assessment was commissioned as part of a package of aid authorized by former US President Barack Obama last year.

Because UFO encounters have long been the subject of conspiracy theories, their release has sparked an entire revolution in society.

Before the substance was revealed before Congress on June 25, there was a lot of speculation in the media.

What information do we have about the report?

The New York Times was the first to publish the findings on Thursday, followed by CNN and the Washington Post.

These news organizations claimed to have spoken with various government officials regarding the results of the long-awaited report.

According to officials, the majority of the more than 120 occurrences documented over the last two decades were reported by US Navy personnel, with some involving foreign military personnel.

According to CNN, the analysis does not rule out alien involvement as a possible explanation in some of these situations, according to three individuals.

It should be noted, however, that there is no proof that the aerial phenomena seen by Navy pilots in recent years were alien spacecraft.

CNN said that experimental technology from a competitor country, such as China or Russia, could explain at least some of the airborne phenomena, citing intelligence officials.

Intelligence authorities are concerned about the national security implications of this discovery, regardless of its genuine origin.

UFOs will be investigated by NASA.

NASA’s new administrator, Bill Nelson, has directed scientists to look into unexplained flying objects.

There is no evidence that aliens have visited Earth yet, according to the former Florida senator who rode aboard the space shuttle Columbia, but he doesn’t rule it out either.

Of the contacts documented by Navy pilots, Nelson told CNN, “We don’t know if it’s extraterrestrial.”

“We don’t sure if it’s a foe or not. We’re not sure if it’s an optical illusion. Due to the characteristics stated by the Navy aircraft pilots, we do not believe it is an optical phenomenon. And, at the end of the day, we want to know.

Nelson has not established an official task force to begin examining UFOs, according to NASA press secretary Jackie McGuinness, but he has directed investigators to continue their inquiry.

“This is a fascinating occurrence, and the American public is certainly interested in it, therefore scientists should investigate it,” McGuinness said.

The Pentagon’s strange objects are described in the report as confusing and imprecise. However, it is astonishing that the notion of extraterrestrial origin has not been ruled out.

The strangest part is that NASA, which has always been suspicious of any sightings, has decided to look into it more thoroughly

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