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Pentagon confirms US military plane encounters alien UFO

Jeremy Corbell, a documentary filmmaker, posted a night vision movie filmed by a US Navy destroyer. UFOs are seen flying over battleships. The Pentagon has now confirmed that meeting.

The Pentagon-confirmed footage clearly shows a pyramid-shaped UFO. According to the Pentagon, a night vision camera on a US Navy destroyer captured images of UFOs.

According to Sue Gough, a Department of Defense spokeswoman, the images and videos Corbell described were taken by Navy troops.

A UAP (unidentified aerial vehicle) contact has been confirmed by the Pentagon. Official UFO sightings have become so numerous, at least in the United States, that they can no longer be dismissed. As in the last case, which was confirmed by the Pentagon. Gough also revealed that the UAPTF (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Working Group) has begun its investigation. This group is in charge of investigating and verifying UFO encounters involving US military personnel.

According to a Pentagon spokeswoman, the Department of Defense does not publicly disclose the facts of the investigations in order to safeguard security procedures and avoid “revealing intelligence that may be helpful to its adversaries.” UFOs have become a hotly debated topic in recent years. As a result of the volume of news and revelations made by former US government personnel, a “new boom” has developed.

During the pandemic, the New York т¡мes ran a story about the dramatic increase in UFO claims. The number of sightings in New York City has more than doubled in comparison to previous years.

Jeremy Corbell, who oversees video filtering. Pyramidal-shaped objects The green hue footage discovered by UAPTF was used in the documentary “Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers.” According to The New York Post and The Sun, this film was created by filmmaker Jeremy Corbell and KLAS TV news director George Knapp.

A short video of pyramid-shaped objects flying low over the deck of a Navy destroyer was taken by a night vision camera. According to Corbell in an interview with the Mystery Wire portal, the tape was captured during the deployment of the USS Russell.

“This isn’t a case of the foreign military because they acted in an unexpected мคหner.” They also lacked a streamlined appearance. They’re flying pyramids, just like the real thing! The director went on to say that the footage was filmed in 2019 and that he was in charge of verifying its validity. He did so after receiving information from a Pentagon intelligence briefing. Officials there confirmed that the photos were taken with the assistance of the Navy, but they did not share anything else.

Another example of strange occurrences in our skies, making it increasingly difficult to conceal the reality. Is there going to be a big reveal? It’s a real possibility, and we need to be prepared.

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