Pair of venomous orange snakes found in car park in Australia

A pair of rare bright orange eastern brown snakes, which have a powerful venom, were captured in a parking lot in Queensland, Australia.

The photo of the pair of unusually colored venomous snakes was shared by snake catcher Jake Stinson, director of Jake’s Reptile Relocations – ewsweek on October 5.

Eastern brown snakes often come in a variety of colors, from bronze to brown, red and black, with orange being a particularly unusual form.

Phát hiện cặp rắn lạ màu cam cực độc trong bãi đậu xe ở Australia ảnh 0

“Finding (unusual) snakes like this always amazes me. Meeting unique snakes that many people don’t see in their lifetimes has given me a special connection to my work with local animals,” Mr Åtinson told News weekly.

A pair of highly venomous orange snakes were found in a parking lot in Australia photo 0

Orange eastern brown snakes are particularly unusual because they often have a deep, earthy hue. (Photo: JĄKES Reptile Relocation).
Eastern brown snakes can reach a length of up to 1.5 m. Mr Ѕtinson said: ‘Brown snakes are rarely seen in the wild. Orange species are a perfect example of how brown snakes come in many different colors and one should not try to identify snakes based on color. ”

The species is found throughout eastern Australia and is responsible for more deaths than any other snake species in the country.

According to Mr Stinson, brown snakes have the second-most venom of all snakes in the world.

Vipers are a class of snakes characterized by a pair of fixed fangs in front of the lower jaw with nerve venom. The group also includes cobras and mambas.

Mr Stinson said: “Eastern brown snakes are one of the most versatile and adaptable snake species. Finding a snake with a unique color is a lucky and rare experience.”

Like most venomous snakes, the brown snake has a neurotoxin-type venom that gradually paralyzes the nerves in the victim’s heart, lungs, and diaphragm, causing the victim to suffocate. It also contains many other toxins, including powerful blood clotting agents and cardiotoxins that can cause seizures, cardiac arrest, kidney damage and uncontrollable bleeding.

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