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One kind woman saved the life of an abandoned dog whose found with her paws frozen to the ground

Friday morning, Jennifer Williams was walking two of her dogs in Prospect Park in New York City when doggie parent duty called. As Jennifer was picking up after her one dog, her other dog, Daisy, accidentally slipped out of her harness. Daisy (pictured below on left) immediately ran to a hunched-over dark figure by a tree, which Jennifer quickly discovered was a dog that someone abandoned and chained to the tree. Jennifer told BarkPost:

“She blended in perfectly with the tree, and didn’t cry, didn’t bark. She was so cold and so scared and so tired, she just couldn’t move.”

Incredulous at what she was seeing, Jennifer, said that she “didn’t believe it until [she] got closer.” Jennifer ran over to the malnourished black Pit Bull/Labrador mix and unwrapped the chain from around the tree and removed it from the dog’s collar. The chain was so short that the dog couldn’t lay down.

The temperature was frigid, but Jennifer took off her coat and wrapped the dog in it in an attempt to keep the dog warm. The dog must have known she was safe because she instantly relaxed in Jennifer’s arms.

Jennifer carried the dog back to her house, where she noticed the dog’s paws were bleeding. It was then that Jennifer realized why this little dog couldn’t move when Jennifer found her. The dog’s paws had frozen to the ground.

Aware of the power of social media, Jennifer posted a photo of the dog to Facebook. Donna Sachs saw the post and phoned Sean Casey of Sean Casey Animal Rescue. Within a short span of time, Sean was on his way to Jennifer’s home to pick up the dog and get her proper medical attention.

Despite being malnourished and abandoned in extremely cold weather, with bleeding paws this sweet girl became more lively as she warmed up. She stood up and wagged her tail when Jennifer gave her water.

Sean’s son, Sean Casey Jr., was with his dad when they picked up the dog. Good thing he was, too, as he was the one to give this girl a name. Sean Jr. dubbed her “Bindi,” after the daughter of his hero, Steve Irwin.

VERG Animal Hospital, a 24-hour emergency clinic, in Brooklyn, New York, is currently treating Bindi. In addition to what she suffered from being exposed to extreme temperatures, Bindi appears to have other unrelated health conditions. She is severely anemic and has required two blood transfusions. She also has cherry eye and x-rays have shown that there are three pieces of metal in her stomach. Doctors performed an endoscopy on Saturday morning to remove the pieces.

Jennifer recommends that those who want to help Bindi can donate to Sean Casey Animal Rescue‘s critical care program or by calling SCAR’s veterinarian directly at (718) 435-6900.

“I know her vet bills will be high. She will need a great deal of care. We just need to hope for the best and then find her a great loving home. She is a super sweet gal…”

As Jennifer pointed out,

“People should know that dumping your dog in the park, because there are dog lovers everywhere, doesn’t mean that [the dog] will be found and saved.”

If a family needs to surrender an animal, it is best to find an animal shelter or work with a local rescue to rehome the animal.

Speaking to the news station NBC 4 New York, Sean said:

“Any dog can suffer from the cold…. No dog, animal, or person should be left out in that weather.”

If you ever see a dog left out in extreme weather, The Humane Society of the United States recommends that you contact local law enforcement because animals left in these conditions are at risk of hypothermia and frostbite. They are also at risk of losing their lives.

We hope that Bindi makes a full recovery and the next time we hear about this girl, it will be to give our readers an update on the wonderful and warm life she will be leading.


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