Once Upon A Time There Were The Cutest Kittens In The World

Whether they’re snoozing, chasing butterflies or just sitting looking cute, kittens bring infinite happiness to us humans.

Just the sight of an adorable, pint-size fluff-ball is enough to make all of life’s troubles melt away, if only for a few minutes.

Which is why I’ve journeyed down the #kittensofinstagram rabbit hole to bring you some of the most aww-worthy pussycats on the planet.

So if you’re having a tough week, take a break and indulge in this cuteness overload.

Only the coldest of hearts could resist these kitties.

This tiny little ginger chap who ain’t afraid of no dog

This insta-ready kitty who knows how to charm and disarm

This Bengal beauty who was trying to sleep until mummy came along with a camera

This tiny fella who’s too precious for words

This sleepy lil’ kitten who didn’t appreciate the morning alarm

This little beaut who wears her heart on her chest

This adorable bunch who can hypnotise with their eyes

This pretty princess who didn’t need to be told twice about nap-time

This sassy lady who’s been trying to get the waiter’s attention for the last five minutes

This cute tabby practising her downward dog pose

These tiny kittycats who love being outside

This laidback dude who lives for the weekend

This fluff-ball who thinks she’s a tree

This bundle of cuteness who’s been confused for a Sunday roast

This fuzzy kitten who wants to know if they’re there yet

These photogenic friends who look like professional models

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