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NSOs: Alien base in our ocean?

Since the time of Christopher Columbus , NSOs have been mentioned in different stories. Strange ships that leave and enter the ocean seen for hundreds of years.

In fact, since the 15th century, there has been talk of certain phenomena that, for different researchers around the world, were Unidentified Underwater Objects.

NSOs: Alien Underwater Vehicles

Theorists claim that there are extraterrestrial bases at the bottom of the sea.

One of the emblematic testimonies of that time was what happened to Christopher Columbus and his crew during their trip to America.

Columbus and his men claimed that on one of their voyages they spotted a bright ball pulsing beneath the sea surface.

Seeing later how the anomaly broke the sea surface, rose into the sky and was lost flying towards infinity.

However, there are many other stories that talk about these mysterious objects . So many skeptics have tried to give a coherent explanation to these events that manifest

They are linked from astronomical events such as the ball lightning, to Bio-luminescent marine creatures such as jellyfish or the famous giant squid.

Currently, the reasons for these OSNI sightings range from secret technologies of the governments or that could be underwater military bases.

This is a possibility that, indeed, could be true. However, how do you explain sightings like those of Colón?

Massive sightings

Since the time of Christopher Columbus there are records of OSNI sightings.

Considering that the most extensive and unexplored area of the planet is its seas, why not think that these serve as an alien space highway?

For example, the Galese Coast, on the outskirts of Puffin Island , is a place that for years has been a kind of environment conducive to OSNI phenomena.

Hundreds of researchers and ufologists have gathered around this place to investigate it, ensuring that there is an underwater alien base.

Since the year 74, OSNI activity prevails in the area, from mysterious lights in the sky, sightings of large triangular ships, abductions or the presence of humanoid creatures.

In the same way is Lake Titicaca, which goes from Peru to Bolivia. In these crystalline waters, considered the highest navigable waters in the world, there is great OSNI activity.

Ancient legends of the area suggest that there is an ancient alien base , which is housed in the depths of the lake.

Even the original inhabitants of Tiwanaku still bring offerings to the lake. This ranges from gold, corn, statues and other things of value that are thrown into the lake to keep the gods happy .

Likewise, regions in Chile, Mexico and different parts of the world are overflowing with testimonies of these sightings.

Despite “official” statistics showing that OSNI activity has declined, a recent study totally contradicts this view.

The mystery of the OSNIs continues to this day. Could they be the result of extraterrestrial bases hidden in the only place on Earth that continues to be out of reach?

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