Man found a dying puppy buried alive in the ground, but it’s ‘not a puppy at all’ – Icestech

Man found a dying puppy buried alive in the ground, but it’s ‘not a puppy at all’

The team at “Skegness Natureland Seal Sanctuary” were faced with a testing situation when they got an emergency call from a man called Ian Ellis.

Apparently, Ian had actually been bird-watching on the RSPB Reserve at Frampton Marshes, when he witnessed something unusual through his telescope.

From his telescope, Ellis saw a small creature submerged in some marshy soil. The cows all seemed to be looking on anxiously at the little animal but didn’t know how to help them.

Ian had actually discovered a massive herd of over 30 cows surrounding a stranded, unconscious pup. The poor creature was lying buried in the marshy dirt, while the cows searched anxiously as they questioned how to help the distressed baby.

A birdwatcher named Ian Ellis attempted to view some birds, thought he saw a puppy in distress, but then ended up rescuing a different animal altogether.

As time was considered to be of the essence, the sanctuary workers that Ellis called gave him instructions on how to retrieve the animal.

Considering the lack of time and the uncertainty of the situation, the shelter employees provided Ian with crucial instructions on just how to navigate around the herd and recover the baby. When he got a much better appearance, he was shocked to recognize that the creature was not a puppy, but rather a baby seal! The following hour was tense, but the 67-year-old pet lover meticulously followed the employees’ advice and successfully hauled the distressed pup to safety!

By the time Ellis was able to get the baby seal pup to the sanctuary hospital, it was not doing too well. The pup, who would later be named Celebration, was dehydrated and lethargic.

The baby seal, later on named Event, was rushed to the sanctuary’s hospital in a dehydrated and lethargic state. She was simply 5 days old and most likely was orphaned. The veterinarian speculated that Celebration wound up in the marshland after being swept away in a high tide. For the next couple of days, the baby seal got on hydrating fluids until her health eventually stabilized.

Party is also young to feed on her own in water, so she can not be released right into her habitat yet. One more pressing issue is her respiration trouble, for which she is undergoing an antibiotic-based treatment. Celebration is currently mingling well with the various other puppies in the sanctuary, and it’s just an issue of time that she makes a full recovery!

Click the video listed below to see just how getting noticed by cows helped the dying baby seal find help.

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