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Why Was The Famous Inventor Nikola Tesla Obsessed With The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Inventor Nikola Tesla’s esoteric beliefs included bizarre theories about the Egyptian pyramids. – Nikola Tesla has a few strange passions. – According to one of his hypotheses, Egypt’s Great Pyramids were gigantic energy transmitters.

The Tesla Towers were created using rules informed by the study of the Pyramids. Nikola Tesla died mostly unrecognized, yet his legend and fame have only grown in recent years.

Why Was The Famous Inventor Nikola Tesla Obsessed With The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
Why Was The Famous Inventor Nikola Tesla Obsessed With The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids


He is now widely regarded as the true mad genius, the man who invented our days, with contributions to computers, wi-fi, AC power, and other technologies. Tesla had a variety of interests in numerous sectors of science, some of which were quite esoteric, in addition to the ideas he had put into effect and patented.

One of the strangest was his concern for the Egyptian pyramids, one of humanity’s most mysterious and grand structures. Tesla had been investigating them his entire life, suspecting that they had served a deeper purpose.

What was it about the pyramids that he found so appealing? He wondered whether they weren’t gigantic energy transmitters, an idea that corresponded to his research into wireless energy transfer.

Tesla filed a patent in the United States in 1905 called “The Art of Transferring Electric Energy through the Natural Media,” describing ideas for a global network of generators that would harvest energy from the ionosphere.

He envisioned the entire planet Earth, with its two poles, as a massive electrical engine with infinite capacity. Tesla’s electromagnetic pyramid was named after its triangle-shaped design.

“The day science begins to examine non-physical phenomena, it will make more advance in a decade than it has in all the centuries preceding it,” Nikola Tesla said.

According to Nikola Tesla, the Egyptian pyramids’ significance was due not just to their design, but also to their location.

He built the Tesla Experimental Station in Colorado Springs and the Wardenclyffe Tower, also known as the Tesla Tower, on the East Coast, with the goal of harnessing the Earth’s energy field.

The placements were determined by the rules of the region in which the Giza Pyramids were built, which were based on the connection between the earth’s elliptical orbit and the equator.

The architecture was created to allow for the transmission of power across long distances. Is the Great Pyramid nothing more than an old Tesla Tower? How the Pyramids Were Built: Tesla’s thinking is also said to be influenced by numerology.

Why Was The Famous Inventor Nikola Tesla Obsessed With The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids
Why Was The Famous Inventor Nikola Tesla Obsessed With The Ancient Egyptian Pyramids

Tesla was a remarkable personality with addictive tendencies in many ways. One of his obsessions was the number “3,6,9,” which he believed to be the key to the universe. Before moving in or staying at hotels with numbers divisible by three, he’d go through the buildings three times.

He made different choices in groups of three. Tesla’s preoccupation with these numbers has been related to his passion for pyramidal formations and the belief that some basic mathematical laws and ratios are part of a common arithmetic language, according to others.

Because we don’t know how or why the pyramids were built, some individuals believe they were devices that might generate energy, function as deliberate messengers, or even contain an ancient civilisation code.

By stretching that type of logic, it’s easy to fall into the “ancient aliens” mindset. Check out the video below if you’re interested in taking such a risk:


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