They found an alien skull in Africa – this could change the history as we know it

Many people believe that the human race is the only race that populated the Earth, however, a new discovery seems to contradict this theory.

A skull has been discovered in Africa in which we can observe a physiognomy and osseous structure similar to the human one, but at the same time presents some distinctive feature that makes it impossible to belong to a human.

This discovery has been very polemic and aroused a lot of theories and speculations about it. One of these theories suggests that this discovery is fake and the features of the skull have been manipulated.

However, if we assume that the skull is authentic, then it would be like 14 million old approximately and features a great amount of iridium, which is a substance frequently found in meteorites.

Do you think that this discovery is related by any means with, let’s say, the mummies found in Peru? Or it could be evidence that could confirm the existence of extra-terrestrials? Let us know what you think.

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