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Decipher The Place Rumored to Cause The Deαth of 28 Queens in The Forbidden City

For those who love the Chinese archery series, everyone is probably very familiar with the Forbidden City (now known as the Palace). Among the countless palaces inside this huge structure, there is one famous building known as the “darkest place” of the Ancient Palace, which is the Kunning Palace.

This palace used to be associated with the death of 28 empresses of the Ming and Qing dynasties. By the time of Emperor Ung Chinh, no one lived in Kunning Palace anymore. What is the truth behind this?

Khon Ninh Palace was originally a palace reserved for queens. But sometimes, this place is still used to perform ritual sacrifices. The sacrifice of each ceremony is usually 2 pig heads. Because of these worshiping activities, Khon Ninh Palace gradually became an “unclean” place in the eyes of many people in the palace.

The view of Khon Ninh Palace.

And, the most famous rumor about Kunning Palace is: This place is the “death place” of many queens. Not to mention the queens who died of illness here, if only the queens who “choose” Khon Ninh Cung to end their lives can be mentioned: 1 queen of Emperor Sung Trinh. (Ming Dynasty), 2 empresses of Emperor Taiji (founder of the Qing Dynasty), 2 empresses of Emperor Kangxi (Qing Dynasty).

Until the Yongzheng period, this place was officially uninhabited. However, the reason for this was not because the people in the palace were afraid of the bad luck that this palace brought, but another reason.

The real reason

The real reason why Kunning Palace no longer exists is related to Vien Minh Vien (a construction consisting of palace buildings and gardens of the Qing royal family, about 8km from Beijing’s Imperial Palace).

When Ung Chinh had just ascended the throne, because he wanted to let the concubines in the harem have a better and more comfortable place to live, he ordered the concubines to move to Vien Minh Vien. After this decision of Ung Chinh, the Kunning Palace and the palaces of the other concubines became empty.

Inside Kunning Palace.

Thus, the fact that Kunning Palace was abandoned was not really because people in the palace were afraid of rumors that this palace was the “death place” of the queens. The real reason lies in the decision made in the Yongzheng period.

Kunning Palace has experienced two dynasties of Ming and Qing dynasties, and witnessed countless historical events. Therefore, when there is some strange and inexplicable phenomenon about this place or any palace in the Palace, it is inevitable that posterity will find the answer through a few mysterious rumors to satisfy their minds. his curiosity.

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