Newborn Goat And Barn Kittens Get Up To All Kinds Of Mischief

Hector is a 2-day old Nigerian Dwarf baby goat. His mama is called Amelia Earhart, and they live in Sunflower Farm Creamery, situated in Cumberland, Maine. While the cute little one waits for his cousins to be born, he befriends three kittens.

Baby goat and barn kittens

The little goat was very energetic and roamed around in the barn, spying at the three adorable kittens. The innocent kid did not hesitate to be friendly with his new friends.

To make his presence felt, little Hector bleated a few times and walked up to the mama cat and slightly kissed her. Then, Hector decided to get his tiny hooves off the floor by climbing up the wood shavings bale.

Baby goat and barn kitten

However, it took several attempts for Hector to get his little hooves off the floor and climb onto the wood shavings bale. None of the kittens helped the baby goat and kept looking at him.

Any other barn animal would have indeed given the baby goat a muzzle lift. However, the kittens only acknowledged Hector’s efforts to climb up the wood shaving bale by looking at him.

Baby goat and barn kitten

However, as soon as the goat climbed up the bale, all the kittens moved away, one at a time. They felt that their space was invaded. Nevertheless, Hector did not give up hope even then.

He kept following the kitten and tried to be friendly but missed his chance as the kitten moved away. By now, the baby goat was hungry and went to his mama. One curious kitten followed Hector to the field, only to find mama Amelia first.

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