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Neglected Husky Sat in a Corner Frozen with Fear While The Other Dogs Played

It is a touching story, but we promise you a happy ending. When rescuers from SHS Harbin arrived on the scene, they found more than 2,000 dogs in a field in Harbin, China. But among all the dogs, one stood out for a particularly sad reason.

ilovemydog writes that while all the other dogs were running and playing with each other, this dog was sitting frozen in a corner, scared and alone.

He was not in very good shape either. His fur was very dirty and matted with feces. He was malnourished and very scared. It was clear that this poor pet puppy was mistreated for a long time.

They took the dog and named her Harriet. As soon as she got into the car, she fell into the lap of a volunteer and finally felt safe for the first time. They took her to the vet and the vet estimated that Harriet was about eight months old.

Harriet is just a puppy and has had more heartache than a dog should ever have to endure. But thankfully she was finally in good hands and is now on the road to recovery.

Fortunately, Harriet was healthy, apart from the obvious illnesses. The first thing they did was to bathe her and scratch her dirty, shaggy coat.

There she was taken to a shelter where she spent the next two months. As the weeks passed, Harriet’s fur grew back and began to come out of her shell. She was a very loving and friendly puppy and it was time to find her a forever home.

Canadian, Rosee Vallee, saw Harriet’s photo online and knew immediately that she wanted to adopt her. A volunteer took Harriet to San Francisco, where she met her new mom for the first time.

From then on, Harriet began a new life in Canada. But with her new life also came a new name. Her new name is Bailey. In addition to her new mom, she has three new canine brothers and sisters with whom she gets along well. Look how happy Bailey is in this picture with her mom. Beautiful photo and happy ending.

Bailey loves her new life and has great adventures with her new family. She has come a long way since she froze in a corner of this land, thanks to the volunteers and vets who helped her along the way!

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