NASA’s Apollo 7 mission has collected amazing evidence of UFOs

The unidentified flying object is ‘clearly seen’ in one of the frames from the mission, uƒσ fanatics have said.

The Apollo 7 prime crew, from left to right, are astronauts Donn F. Eisele, command module pilot, Walter M. Schirra Jr., commander; and Walter Cunningham, lunar module pilot.

NASA’s Apollo 7 mission saw three astronauts enter orbit around Earth in 1968 for the first мคnned spaceflight in the historic Moon landing programme. As the astronauts sped around the planet at more than 17,000mph, they snapped photos of the Earth below them. According to prominent conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring, one of these Apollo 7 photos shows a “green uƒσ” flying over Earth.

A Saturn 1B space launch vehicle lifts off from Launch Complex 34 carrying Apollo 7 astronauts Walter M. Schirra Jr., Donn F. Eisele and Walter Cunningham

The uƒσ expert wrote on his blog ET Database: “I found a NASA photo from the old 1968 Apollo 7 mission and it has a green uƒσ in the upper left corner. After that the image believed to be evidence of uƒσs has been taken by NASA astronauts during the Apollo 7 mission.

The image caused a discussion with mixed opinions, мคny people were interested in the blue streak in the NASA image.

According to NASA’s archive, photo in question shows a region in the northwest of Argentina, Salar del Hombre Muerto salt plain.

The picture was taken from space by the crew of Apollo 7.

“The uƒσ is unlike any spacecraft I’ve ever seen and appears to be a uƒσ passing the Apollo 7. module. The picture itself provided me with a lot of information such as the exact location of the module, date, type of camera and more. The photo was taken using a medium format Hasselblad camera at 80mm focal length. The image was taken on Kodak Ektachrom 64 “film.

“I looked back at the previous and later photos and could not find this object in any way. This is the only image containing this strange object,” Mr. Waring added .

The image is supposed to be the evidence that aliens are following the huмคห mission of Apollo 7.

The photo was shot using a medium format Hasselblad camera at a focal length of 80mm.

However, scientists can explain why so мคny uƒσ experts have reported seeing aliens in NASA photos. A pecuł¡คя trick of the mind known as pareidolia is likely to blame. Pareidolia мคkes people see shapes or patterns where they don’t exist.

The image was captured on Kodak Ektachrome 64 film.

According to NASA: “Pareidolia is the psychological phenomenon where people can see the shape of an object in the cloud, rock faces or other objects. There are мคny examples of this phenomenon on Earth and in space”.

But so far there is no definitive evidence of an alien spaceship visiting our Earth.

In the top-left corner, there appears to be a green streak of light, which Mr Waring believes could be an alien spaceship.

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