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NASA Shuts Down The Helioviewer Live Cam after Mysterious Black Cube Emerged from The Sun VIDEO

mystery black cube was seen momentarily coming from the Sun before NASA’s website had technical difficulties on live video, driving conspiracy theorists into a frenzy.

Scott C Waring, a self-described extraterrestrial specialist running the UFO Sightings Daily YouTube channel, stated that NASA covered up the specific region of the Sun and shut down the website “for maintenance” as soon as the black cube appeared.

Pulling footage from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory, a project of international cooperation between NASA and the European Space Agency, a tiny cubic-shaped object appears on the right bottom corner of the Sun for roughly two seconds.

The clip is cut to an abrupt end and the screen turns pitch black.

Scott said the footage was cut when the black cube emerged from the Sun. “You can see the cube coming out of the Sun and right after that, a big glitch that covers 25% of that,” Scott said.

“There it is, gone! Glitch!

“Two frames of the cube coming out of the Sun an then huge glitch…one, two, glitch. Guys, this is mind-boggling.”

Scott suggested the spectacular moment took place on May 2 at around 1.06pm GMT.

“This is on the SOHO official website, you also see the cube and the timestamp matches — 13.06, on May 2,” he said before he opens another tab showing information shown on the Helioviewer Project.

Scott was convinced that the space agency tried to keep important information from viewers as the site was shut for maintenance
The website stated “Helioviewer will be down on May 2nd between 13:00:00 and 21:00:00”.

Scott then boldly suggested that NASA is trying to hide the black cubes going through space, going through the Sun.

Bernhard Fleck, project scientist and mission manager at SOHO, told Vice in an interview responding to similar appearance of a black cube on the Sun that it’s not an object.

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