Nasa paid Priests to figure out how to deal with aliens

As rovers and telescopes continue probing the corners of the galaxy, NASA has called upon the clergy for interpersonal help.

As reported by PennLive, NASA has recruited 24 theologians to begin evaluating the myriad of ways humanity and varying religions could respond if intergalactic neighbors are ever discovered.

One priest from the University of Cambridge, Reverend Dr. Andrew Davison, is among the coalition of theologians working on the project.

He explained in a written statement that he is studying the intersections of theology and astrobiology to research how Christian doctrines bear upon the “perspective of life elsewhere in the universe.”

Such doctrines include who Jesus Christ is, how creation came to be, how humanity sins, and eschatological expectations for the end of a universe that houses more than just human beings. Other recruits have been pulled from Princeton’s Center for Theological Inquiry.

It’s delightful that NASA would bring together a group of religious leaders to talk about aliens for a year. However, it’s also low-key telling of how confident the agency is about discovering evidence of extraterrestrial life in the near future.

Plus, with the brand spankin’ new James Webb Space Telescope headed to orbit, we’re likely on the precipice of finally answering the question of whether or not life is out there. It makes sense that the agency wants to make sure that everyone will be mostly fine with it. Source:

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