NASA Experts Reveal Warning Signs of The End of The World

NASA has confirmed the biggest solar flare in years has erupted on the surface of the Sun. Although the flare is an indication the Sun’s solar cycle is becoming more active, some have interpreted the flare as a biblical sign of prophecy.

According to Paul Begley from West Lafayette in Indiana, US, the world’s prophetic demise will be preceded by signs in the heavens and on the Earth.

A NASA scientist said that although conspiracy theories still appear online, scientists will not sit still and hide the truth once the Earth enters the end of the world.

Michelle Thalle r – assistant director of scientific communication at NASA, shared one of the most reliable signs that the end of the world is coming

According to her, on “the day all scientists take out their credit cards and disappear” everyone should start worrying. NASA officials explained that the scientific community including ordinary people will not only sit still knowing that “the world will end in a week”.

The day when all scientists withdrew their credit cards and disappeared, then it would be the end of the world.

Ms. Thaller added that NASA is not the only agency to observe the sky and look for potential threats, there are astronomers all over the world doing the same thing, so it cannot be hidden. the truth about an impending disaster.

“In the event of even the possibility of” bad collisions “between the Earth and asteroids, NASA will inform not only the government, but also the media,” said Thaller.

Scientist notes that NASA is currently studying methods to not only inform about potential threats, but also to prevent them. Thaller explained that it is possible to change the trajectories of space objects and prevent them from crashing directly into the Earth.

Last year, NASA presented its “Action Plan and Strategies to Close the Earth” , aiming to find, track and prevent potentially dangerous objects that could attack Earth. and lead to mass destruction. Currently there are about 25,000 asteroids in large enough to cause great damage to our planet. Source:

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