Mystery Of The Hidden Wooden Hieroglyphic Tablets And The Unknown White Bearded Men – The Civilization That Died Twice – Part 2

Ellen Lloyd – – What evidence is there that could support the theory there was an unknown master race present in different corners of the world? In part 1 we discussed how strange ancient wooden tablets covered with hieroglyphics were discovered in the “wrong” place.

The inscriptions on these out-of-place tablets could provide us with vital information about mysterious ancient civilizations that left behind clues we cannot decipher. Unfortunately, most of the tablets we smashed to pieces or burnt. Only a few of them were transported to the Vatican Library where they are being kept. Studying the wooden tablets is certainly not something we can hope to do so soon because getting access to the Vatican Library is easier said than done.

Mystery Of The Hidden Wooden Hieroglyphic Tablets And The Unknown White Bearded Men - The Civilization That Died Twice - Part 2

We also discussed why the ancient tablets are connected to the strange, bearded men.  As previously stated in other articles, the ancient mystery of the white-bearded people has never been solved but everything we come across indicates these people did exist and they came from far abroad. Stories of their advanced ancient technology have been preserved in myths and legends of our ancestors. In our attempt to unravel the secrets of the hieroglyphic wooden tablets, the mystery of the bearded men, and the identity of the ancient master race we will now examine unusual ancient structures, myths, and historical events in various parts of the world. What ancient civilization “died twice”?

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