The Unsolved Mystery of the Gogol Ghost Train

There are many unsolved mysteries in this world. Although with the development of science, we have begun to believe that the previous puzzling behaviors can be solved by scientific principles, there are still many unsolved mysteries.

And what we have to do is to look at this with a sensible attitude. For example, there is such a thing as a Ghost Train, which disappeared with 104 people in 1991, and scientists got on the train and disappeared. Where did they go?

You may have heard of the name Gogol. Gogol was a famous Russian writer in the 19th century. In the mid-nineteenth century, Gogol died. After his death, people buried him heavily. A long time later, in the 1930s, people wanted to build a juvenile prison here, and the juvenile prison would occupy the cemetery in Gogol. People were going to move their graves to Gogol.

When people dug up the tomb, they found that Gogol’s head was gone. The absence of Gogol’s head immediately spread throughout the streets and alleys at the time. Several Ukrainian media outlets reported this incident.

According to people’s investigations, they discovered that an officer had secretly taken Gogol’s head away. He wanted to sell Gogol’s head to a Russian lawyer.

This lawyer has a hobby of collecting body parts of celebrities. He entrusted one of his Italian friends to help him bring this head. The Italian certainly couldn’t send Gogol’s head grandiosely. With the help of the officer, he got a few very special train tickets.

This train has only three carriages, which looks very special, even a little weird. But the Italian doesn’t care about it anymore. Only by getting in this car could he deliver things to the Russian lawyer. He also let his brother go with him.

After getting on the train, my brother and the Italian, at first, thought the train was very normal without any weird phenomena. As he waited until the train entered the tunnel, he noticed something was wrong with the people in the carriage. They used to be very lively chatting. After entering the tunnel, they stopped chatting.

Their expressions were very strange; some were angry, some surprised, and some showed unwillingness. This Italian’s younger brother found it very weird. He subconsciously looked out of the car and found that there was a horrible atmosphere surrounding the train, which made his younger brother think that there was something wrong with the train.

Later, the younger brother felt that the train was very scary. After deciding to escape from this place, he chose to jump off the train, and all 104 people on the train, including his brother, disappeared.

Later, the Italian’s younger brother and another survivor reported the case, but it did not arouse much attention. Then the Second World War broke out, and people were anxious about war-related matters, and they were not in the mood to care about a case without a beginning and end. But after all, this is a missing case of 104 people, and it has attracted some people’s attention.

Scientists also disappeared after getting on the car, and so on, after the Soviets resolved World War II. They sent some relevant experts to start studying this matter, and they discovered that this missing train case was not the only case where too many missing trains occurred in Moscow.

After discussion, these experts came up with the hypothesis that because there are too many railway networks on the Eurasian continent, these coming and going trains are like conductors, cutting the earth’s magnetic lines in a certain sense.

During their transportation, they exerted some effects on the earth’s magnetic field, which affected the time in those areas. So some people think that these trains may travel through time and space. Maybe they have arrived in the future or maybe they have arrived in the past.

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