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NASA’s Own Photos Showed Mystery Entrance To Mars’ Underground Bases

Many ufologists and academics think that there are multiple access portals on Mars that lead to underground structures. Are they bases from another planet or possibly human settlements?

The images you’re about to see were given by Rover Curiosity. These “doors” are clearly visible, and they appear to be points of entry to unknown structures.

One of these structures might be the mysterious “anomaly” discovered by the Curiosity rover a few months ago. In one of the images, a dome-shaped object can be seen in the picture’s background.

According to reports, there are apertures or windows beneath that dome. Perhaps some alien artifacts or a portal to a hidden base?
NASA appears to have attempted to justify the strange things discovered on Mars’ surface.
Skywatcher Dahboo777, as well as skeptics who support NASA’s perspective, have questioned the agency’s position.


They’re always striving to hide the truth about extraterrestrials and UFOs on Mars, fabricating excuses to dismiss any extraterrestrial encounters with Earth and other Solar System planets.

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