Mysterious Ghost Path on Jeju Island – Said to Defy The Laws of Gravity and Blow The Minds of People Who See It VIDEO

Ghost Road in Jeju Island With a length of about 100m, Dokkebi Road, located about 7km from Jeju International Airport, is considered the most exotic road in the world.

45-seat travel car stops at the foot of the slope, turns off the engine. The people on the car held their breaths waiting, and in a moment the car suddenly rolled . crawling up the slope.

Jeju Island (South Korea) has a ghost road . The first to discover the ghost of this road is a truck driver. The story is that, in one shipment, this driver stopped the car at the foot of the slope, went to the bathroom.

Vehicles leaving the left lane turn off the engine to crawl up the ghost path

For a moment, turning his head he did not believe his eyes when he saw the truck, which had turned off the engine, slowly crawled up the high slope. Even the unmanned vehicle gets faster and faster. After all the souls, the driver ran to the village to chant, telling the people.

The villagers were unbelievable, pulling together the slope to ‘peel away’ the arms. The truck after crawling up the slope is still a mile away. The driver took the courage to start the engine and drove back to the foot of the slope, then turned off the engine. In the presence of dozens of villagers, the car once again quietly crawled up the slope .

Listening to the story of half-real and half-heartedness, the whole Vietnamese delegation was anxious to wait for the Korean driver to turn off the big tourist car as 45 seats, right at the foot of the slope.

Slope foot – the starting point of the ghost road

Dozens of people witnessed the bottle of spring water (red circle) drifting up the slope

For a moment, dozens of people suddenly fell silent as the car began to crawl slowly up the slope, smoothly like an electric car. It’s hard to believe, looking back and forth, the front is still high. Cows are a few dozen meters, the car brakes again, the whole team keeps pulling together to set up a ‘ghost path’.

There is nothing different, like many other ways on this island: Two sides of the grass of the flowers, the surface of the plastic carpet . all the guesses are not given, but the most likely is the hypothesis: the underground The road surface has a strong magnetic field, smoking cars (all iron) floats up the slope. But when a person in the group suddenly dropped the bottle of mineral water, it was strange that the bottle of water slowly rolled back to the natural law.

‘All the secret is that this 200m long road is refracted with light ‘ – the last native tour guide explained – ‘On sunny days or without rain, come here and your eyes are virtual I thought that there was an uphill slope, but it was actually going down. ‘

Suddenly startled, the way to exploit tourism in the land of people, only that but behind, the convoy of vehicles still flooded queues waiting to turn off . ‘uphill’.


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