Mysterious Ancient European Civilization – Puzzling Ancient Egyptian Connection – Part 2

Ellen Lloyd – – In part 1 of this series we discussed the existence of a mysterious ancient European civilization that somehow doesn’t belong in this part of the world.

We examined some similarities between the culture’s ancient myths and legends that reveal a close connection to North America. Digging deeper into this story, we discover ancient history can sometimes be truly complicated.

Mysterious Ancient European Civilization - Puzzling Ancient Egyptian Connection - Part 2

Though we can understand and even explain some aspects of the ancient North American links, we are still facing several unanswered questions. Modern research has been able to shed some light on this story, but there are still some historical gaps that keep us wondering what happened in the past.

Isn’t it curious this particular ancient culture share beliefs and traditions with so many other prehistoric civilizations? What can they have in common with for example the ancient Egyptians who are unrelated to Native Americans?

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