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Missouri Woman Claims She Has Daily Encounters with Blue-Skinned ETs and UFOs


Not the alien in the story — the witness has no photos of them.

“My first encounter with aliens and UFOs was very intense. I went outside for some fresh air one night and I immediately locked eyes with bright light hovering over the neighborhood. I started investigating and realized it was a UFO. Seconds later I looked away briefly and when I looked back there was a second craft that was much closer. I could actually see the triangular shape of the craft. The UFOs did some impressive maneuvers to show me that it wasn’t a regular aircraft before they disappeared above me.”

According to her interview in The Mirror, Lily Nova took up astrophotography in early 2021 out of pandemic boredom. Her website and social media pages show she was a quick learner, but she didn’t expect one surprising consequence of looking up at the night skies – seeing UFOs. Nova claims that the UFO sightings have become a regular occurrence and are no longer startling to her. Nor are her encounters with the inhabitants of the UFOs –  the blue extraterrestrials

“One of the first beings I saw was a girl with light blue skin. She had no hair, but she was very beautiful. She was wearing a skin-tight grey suit and I saw her shipmates standing behind her in the same uniform.”

In the interview, Nova describes other aliens with “light blonde hair, fair and glowing skin and bright blue eyes” but she believes what’s she’s seeing are telepathic images rather than the physical beings – a precaution to avoid being photographed. While they proceeded slowly at first, Nova says the ETs now make regular contact and have had a profound influence on her life.

“I could not believe what I was seeing, it was groundbreaking and it piqued my interest in astrophotography even more. I needed to find out as much as possible. I abandoned my career as a nutritionist because it was overtaken by my passion for finding out more about UFOs and aliens.”

Lily Nova’s TikTok page has videos and photos of UFOs she has encountered or manifested using CE-5 (a close encounter involving direct communication between aliens and humans) techniques. Her website expands on her new-found ability to call up aliens and UFOs to make contact for herself or with others. She also promotes herself as a “cosmic Channeler and psychic” whose specialty is “discovering Star Origins, connecting people with their Star Families & Galactic guides, and helping Starseeds remember who they truly are.” And, of course, there’s a link for merchandise.

Do we get a percentage of the T-shirt sales?

Is 29-year-old Lily Nova the next generation of alien contactees? It’s hard to say. Her astrophotography is beautiful and she seems to have a growing collection of videos of UFOs and orbs. Her various sites show a dedication to her new occupation and passion, and a desire to help others who have had similar experiences or are seeking to have them. It would be nice to have more information on the blue aliens – where are they from, why are they here, drawings of what they look like, etc.

For now, Lily Nova seems to be a good example of what can happen when you go outside and study the sky.

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