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Military Insider Shares Advanced Alien Tech Being Withheld From Public

Listening to him is like watching a dystopian science fiction movies, where major corporations fight for the latest advanced technologies, with spies and assassins.

Smith, started at the young age of 18 years old, being part of the United States Air Force. During his carrier as military man, first he worked during the day in military bases and during the evening, in underground labs, leased to different corporations. Like many people in the government, he did not know where the material came from: the DNA and body tissues that he was testing (more than 3000 specimens). The technology he was exposed to in the lab were ranging from anti-gravity, zero point energy to 3d holographic imaging.

This how it worked and works.

The government retrieves spacecrafts of extraterrestrial technology from different sites around the world and then they pass it down to private corporations that then apply reverse engineering to get new devices. Not only machines were created but even cures for human diseases through the manipulation of ET DNA to make pharmaceuticals.  From this experience, Emery Smith clearly is telling us, today, that we have technology to cure diseases.

These devices and technology can create abundance for everyone where we could live different than we live now: free water, housing and energy for everyone. We would not rely on gas and oil, exploiting Earth’s resources and freeing us from paying the additional major costs to access these resources (you know well, for example, the higher bills that come for using heat in winter which many people cannot even afford any more due to the ongoing increases).

But the technology that really fascinated Emery Smith, you can see his eyes illuminate with enthusiasm, in the video, is when he describes the craft he was able to fly with.

“They are so amazing. a lot of craft are made of organic material, that can change shape and can be driven only from the driver of that Et race or floors that appear from shapeless forms. They are seamless and they are powered by telepathic and telekinetic connections”.

Also, a crucial point that he shared is about the private corporations’ technology. Their know-how is far more advanced than people think by a few thousand years and all of this knowledge is repressed because it goes to the Black Projects.

At one point, in the video, he gets even hilarious, but with a dark tone to it, when he describes Elon Musk obsolete technology:

“We still have propelled technology, we are talking about hundreds of year of the same thing, just to improve it, make it better when there is already anti-gravity out there”.

The problem as always is that this technology is kept behind the scenes, not exposed the public only for the benefit of the secret programs, but with many whistleblowers now coming forward he is convinced that everything will be revealed.

Emery Smith is also a wise man when he shares his point of view on how these criminals will be exposed.

“Mother Earth will be our greatest asset: in few years the ice will melt and many interesting things will come out of it and the government will be forced to tell the truth about these findings”.

As you can see, he is not an ordinary man. Of all the things he shared, what resonates with me the most is his concept about UNITY.

“We are one human race, with our unique differences that need to mature to work together against a common threat and this is achieved by withholding judgement and respecting each other”.

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