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“Military base” captured with Google Mars revives the theory of life on Mars


It is not the first time that strange images that come from the red planet have been denounced by experts. They assure that Mars has terrestrial bases, and the story of former workers supports it. Now, what could be a military base appears .

While the image shows a strange dark object that is not recognizable, on the surface of the planet. Several UFO hunters , specialized in analyzing images from Mars, are sure that it represents something.

The video was posted on YouTube, where users from around the world gave their impressions. A comment next to the video assured that it can only be a large base , such as a military installation.

NASA has done a great job hiding a huge number of these objects. Many times, experts say that the space agency edits the resolution of the images to erase these objects.

Many skeptics remain unsure of the evidence that Mars harbors life. Despite evidence that it was once a fertile planet . But scientists have changed their point of view over the last decade.

Among the experts who believe there is more to the red planet than we accept are John E. Brandenburg and Lewis Dartnell , a researcher at the UK Space Agency.

While the theories given by them differ in certain points of view. Both have agreed that Mars was hospitable in the distant past. Also that ancient Martian civilizations could inhabit said Martian ecosystem.

Dartnell believes that the first microscopic life forms developed on Mars, millions of years in the past. But major environmental events caused it to become inhospitable .


The scientist’s hypotheses of life on Mars were launched after NASA researchers, thanks to the Curiosity rover , discovered high levels of water under the Martian surface. As well as evidence that the planet once had a continental crust, similar to that of Earth.

Brandenburg, by contrast, believes that Mars was inhabited in the distant past. Life even developed to the point of becoming intelligent organisms .

However, the scientist also believes that there is sufficient evidence to show that at least 2 nuclear explosions devastated the ecosystem.

The theory proposed by Brandenburg is based on the remains of uranium and thorium that were found on the surface. This Martian civilization was annihilated by another hostile alien race , coming from another part of the Universe.

The military base found thanks to Google Mars reopens the debate on the existence of life on the red planet. Not only in the past, but today, various theories suggest that there are human bases for decades and that the truth has been kept secret.

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