Meet The Ningen: The Legendary Giant Humanoids Of Antarctica (VIDEO)

There are reports that MASSIVE, white-colored creatures—reported to be to up to 30 meters in length, with shockingly human facial features—inhabit the frigid waters surrounding Antarctica. No one knows for sure what they are, although there are numerous theories, and large number of vessels claim to be eyewitnesses to the massive humanoids rising from the depths

Humanoid Aquatic Giants Reported in seas Surrounding Antarctica

Although these beings have been reported for decades, recent reports of a large number of sightings rumors circulated the world. All of these sightings report the existence of gigantic humanoid forms of life in the icy waters of Antarctica.

These creatures are referred to as Ningen (人間, ‘human beings’ in Japanese) and are consistently said to have a human-like shape, often with legs, arms, and even five-fingered hands.

However, reports do have some variation. Some have described them as having fins or a mermaid-like tail. Among the most visible facial features are the creature’s eyes and mouth, which are consistently described as human like (pictures can be found above and below).

This all begs the question: What are the mysterious creatures referred to as Ningen, and are they supernatural?

While there are many descriptions that try to depict the Ningen as clearly as possible, one of the most consistent features is the size of the Ningen.

According to numerous reports, these supermassive white-colored humanoid beings grow up to 30 meters.

Skeptics will say “so what… maybe it’s just some giant fish?”

However, according to reports—and countless videos posted online—these mystery beings are totally unlike any sort of fish that has been documented by modern zoology, science, or government agencies.

For example, one sighting mentions that crew members of a vessel traveling near Antarctica observed what they initially believed to be a submarine. However, when they approached the submerged object to gather more information, it became clear by the irregular shape of the object and its startling behavior that it was not made. When the crew approached the creature, it immediately vanished into the depths, almost as if it had been watching them. The descriptions given by the crew match up perfectly with descriptions of this cryptid from other sources.

Ningen have also been spotted in other areas, notably the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. Unfortunately, most of the sightings occurred at night, making the mystery beings extremely difficult to document or clearly capture on video, and leading to the conclusion that they are mostly nocturnal creatures. They may also hunt their prey, whatever it is they may feed on, at night, making it difficult to discover any patterns in their movement or habits.

So what information do we have about what these creatures may be?

Many skeptics consider the existence of the Ningen to be massive modern “urban legend”, despite the numerous eyewitnesses. Much of the early information about the Ningen goes back to series of posts in the online community “2channel”, where one member described seeing the giant humanoid creature while serving on a government research vessel. During this sighting, one of the beings rose up to the surface and approached the vessel from the depths, although it did not attack and soon vanished.

The topic soon attracted the attention from readers outside of these forums. This lead the Ningen to became popular among the paranormal research community as a whole

There are several theories offered by skeptics, including an albino whale, some sort of so far unknown species of giant aquatic non-human ape, a new species of giant manta ray, an aquatic sloth, some even argue how it could be an unknown alien species, and some religious observers believe that it could be a demon or giant as described in the Bible. However, it is difficult to believe that such a large animal could have gone undiscovered for so long. Source:

Anaconda Python: The Deadly Monster Lurking In Amazon River

Everyone has heard of Big Foot and the Loch Ness Monster, but what about the Giant Anaconda Python? The Giant Anaconda Python is a fascinating creature first described by 19 th century explorer Percy H. Fawcett, but one whose existence, for now, remains unproven.

Amazon Monster

According to Fawcett and others in history who have claimed to see the Giant Anaconda Python, the massive prehistoric snake is over 40 feet (12 meters) long and at least a foot (30 cm) in diameter. To some, this giant snake is called Yacumama, meaning “mother of water.”

Indeed it has been described as even longer than in Fawcett’s description, reaching over 100 feet (30 meters) long and residing in the Amazon river basin. Though many claims have been made, no official sightings or evidence of this monster’s existence have come to light.

If we look at the evidence, however, the claims about this legendary creature may not be all that far off.

The Mystery of the Appearance of Nabau in Malaysia’s Rivers

Mystery ‘Loch Ness Monster’ Washes Up On A Beach In South Georgia

What If Titanoboa Monster Snake Didn’t Go Extinct?

Giant Anaconda Snake

All About Anacondas

Anaconda Python: The Deadly Monster Lurking In Amazon River
Anaconda Python: The Deadly Monster Lurking In Amazon River

Anacondas are a large group of snakes found in and around the Amazon rainforest in South America . Specifically, there are four species of anaconda: the green Anaconda Python , the yellow anaconda, the dark-spotted anaconda, and the Bolivian anaconda. They are all members of the boa species.

The most common breed of anaconda is also the largest: the green anaconda, which has also been nicknamed the common Anaconda Python and the giant Anaconda Python. It is important to not confuse this reptile’s nickname with the Giant Anaconda being discussed here.

Anacondas are semi-aquatic snakes, meaning they exist on land but also excel at swimming in the rapid waters of the Amazon. Most who claim the existence of the Giant Anaconda Pythonsay it hides by camouflaging in deep waters.

However, even the largest confirmed species of anaconda (the green anaconda) only reaches approximately between 10-17 feet (3-5 meters) long, though one report claims to have found one that was 23 feet (7 meters) long. Clearly this species is not the Giant Anaconda Python.

Anaconda Biggest Snake

Reticulated pythons are longer than anacondas, reaching upwards of 20 feet in length, but are unlikely to have been the famed Giant Anaconda Python as they are not nearly wide or bulky enough to match the description provided by Percy H. Fawcett and others.

Green anacondas may be shorter but are a much larger snake than pythons. They can reach weights of over 500 pounds (227 kg) in some cases, while reticulated pythons only reach a bit under 200 pounds (91 kg). The girth of the Anaconda Python distinctly separates it from the reticulated python in terms of recognition.

Anaconda Python
Giant Anaconda Snake

The first record of this cryptid being described comes from Percy H. Fawcett, a British geographer and explorer of South America in the early 1900s. Fawcett’s first expedition started in 1906 in Brazil.

By 1907 he had traveled to Bolivia, where he claimed he killed a massive serpent-like creature that he found swimming in the murky waters around his boat. According to Fawcett, this snake was around 62 feet (19 meters) long and at least one foot (30 cm) in diameter.

At the time, Fawcett had also made a number of additional statements claiming to have seen other unknown creatures including a dog with two noses and the giant Apazauca spider. Scientists largely discredited these sightings and took Fawcett’s claims lightly.

Giant Anaconda Python

Nowadays, we know it is possible that the two-nosed dogs he had seen may have been double-nosed Andean tiger hounds (which originated in Bolivia) and the Apazauca spider may have been a Brazilian wandering spider. If these two claims may have been true, how certain can we be that the Giant Anaconda is a complete myth?

Fawcett’s expeditions continued into the 1920s. Throughout the course of his journeys, he inspired many other aspiring explorers and his expeditions even influenced the 1912 book “The Lost World” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle .

His more credible findings also earned him a medal from the Royal Geographical Society, a UK-based society for geography, for his geographic surveying work in the Amazon. This was not some fantasist crashing around the jungle: Fawcett was a serious explorer, and his descriptions should be taken with a degree of seriousness.

Percy Fawcett in 1911 (Daniel Candido / Public Domain)

In 1925, Fawcett’s explorations came to an unfortunate end. He, his son, and his son’s friend disappeared during an expedition to find a lost city he referred to as “Z.” It is theorized that they were either killed by Amazonian native tribes or perhaps starved to death in uncharted territory.

Their bodies were never recovered. Though tragic, his records remain valuable to this day as some of the earliest recordings of wildlife in the Amazon. The description of the Giant Anaconda in these records is not however the only one. Others claimed to have seen it as well, confirming Fawcett’s notes.

World’s Largest Anaconda

Evidence For the Beastly Serpent
Beyond Percy H. Fawcett, some others have claimed to see the Giant Anaconda in more recent years. Mike Warner, an Irish lithographer, claimed to have found evidence of the creature using satellite photography in 2009.

A Peruvian man named Juan Carlos Palomino claims to have seen and killed an Anaconda Python approximately 40 feet (12 meters) long during a military expedition, a truly huge snake which could not be a mere green anaconda. But beyond the individual sightings, there are also the stories in the oral history of the region.

Amazonian natives also tell legendary stories about the massive Yacumama that was over 100 feet (30 meters) long, according to the stories. With so many verbal and written accounts from the same region (a region that is known for massive snakes and great biodiversity, at that), the chance of such a creature existing at one point in history is not so far out of the question.

With the finding of a green anaconda of approximately 23 feet long in Brazil bordering Paraguay and Bolivia, the idea that longer anacondas could be hiding somewhere unexplored in the Amazon is not entirely unrealistic. Like many other creatures, it could simply be hiding in murky, unexplored waters as suggested by those who have claimed to see it.

It may also be highly skilled at camouflaging in water and trees at this point, having been able to live this long without another predator coming along to kill it or compete with it. Certainly, the thick network of waterways and the impenetrable forest would be a perfect environment for such a creature to remain hidden.

A Case of Mistaken Identity?
The issue with these firsthand accounts is that none of them are scientific. Those that have claimed to see the Giant Anaconda or even have killed one all make general estimations about the beast’s size. None of the Giant Anacondas which have been seen were ever captured, much less measured.

This leads to the question: how accurate are the visual assessments of those who have seen these giant snakes? It would be difficult for most people to estimate what 40 feet (12 meters) looks like without an accurate measurement comparison, especially when the creature being observed is curled and moving. It is possible that those who have claimed to see these massive beasts were simply looking at a larger-than-average anaconda and incorrectly estimated its size.

Another aspect to consider regarding this cryptid is evolution. Throughout time, mammals and reptiles have evolved to be smaller and smaller, likely due to changing atmospheric composition and temperatures on earth and competition with humans for space and resources.

With less food and land available, only those small enough to live with less food and water will live long enough to reproduce and produce even smaller offspring. There’s also the issue with oxygen – oxygen levels have decreased on earth over the last several thousand years, making the need for large amounts of oxygen (to keep large bodies functioning) a disadvantage to large species.

Darwin’s famous survival of the fittest has certainly played out as expected when it comes to the evolution of these creatures. The world we live in now may not be able to support such a giant snake.

Because of this, it is very possible that the Giant Anaconda, Yacumama, or some similar large serpent once existed on earth. In fact, evidence of a pre-historic 50 foot (15 meter) serpent called Titanoboa was found in the early 2000s.

Paleontologists uncovered several massive vertebrae and three skull pieces belonging to the Titanoboa in South America, allowing them to piece these fossils together and learn more about the terrifying creature. According to them, the Titanoboa was the snake equivalent to the Tyrannosaurus Rex , and would have been considered the “king” of the early Amazon.

It is estimated that the Titanoboa was approximately 2,500 pounds (1,130 kg), roughly the same as an adult black rhino, and killed its large prey via constriction. To this day, the fossilized remains of the Titanoboa are the largest found remnants of any snake species on earth.

Giant Green Anaconda

The green anaconda (Eunectes murinus), also known as the giant anaconda, common anaconda, common water boa or sucuri, is a boa species found in South America. It is the heaviest and one of the longest known extant snake species. Like all boas, it is a non-venomous constrictor. The term “anaconda” often refers to this species, though the term could also apply to other members of the genus Eunectes.


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