Meet Mandy The Doll, One of the World´s Most Hαunted Dolls

Haunted Dolls are a huge, growing trend within the ghostly part of the world at the moment and people just can’t get enough. Thanks to movies like the Conjuring the whole world is aware of Annabelle the doll, and then Robert the doll. But these guys have been hogging all the limelight and other dolls, perhaps many of them are just as frightening. Including Mandy the doll.

Mandy is an old doll that was made in Germany roughly between 1919-1920. She was donated to the Quesnel Museum, Canada in 1991 after a string of events that drove her owners to the point of insanity.

The owner said she would hear the sound of a little girl crying coming from the basement most nights. When she went to look, there would be no child, just an open window and mandy staring right at here…

It did not take long for Mandy to be donated to the museum where she did stop crying but after a while, strange th ings began to happen to the staff. Lunches began disappearing from fridges and be found somewhere else, artifacts from the museum would vanish from their display cabinets and end up in a different one, beneath the previously locked glass.

Perhaps the most disturbing of all was the footsteps. Staff would only hear these ghostly footsteps when they were alone, they would begin slow and distant but then they would speed up and sound like they’re coming towards you. ” The faster i ran, the faster she would chase me”.

This was all terrifying but the real haunting began when they tried to place mandy next to the other dolls in the musuem.

The Moving of objects and the footsteps were just the beginning, soon Mandy grew restless. She was not given a permanent place for a while because it seemed that she was not happy with any of her former placements. At first, she was placed in the front window, facing all of the visitors. She was quickly removed after people began to complain of headaches after looking at her, followed by disturbing nightmares of Mandy watching or harming them in their sleep.

So naturally they moved her. They placed her in a section with some other antique dolls, but that was a mistake. They came back to find the majority of the other dolls torn up and destroyed. But on top of that, she refused to be alone. Staff found papers scattered across the room that she had been locked in as if she was throwing a tantrum.

She also had a certain fondness for messing with the museum’s electronics, causing them to malfunction. She also made the staff feel inexplicably sad and anxious. Some of them even reported that her eyes moved to follow them.

As the time of Mandy’s stay here increased so did her presence. Her little lamb toy began to move by itself, some even saw it “gliding across the room” to be sat in a different spot. Then the staff began to have nightmares of her, a lot of them even quit.

Not a lot is known about this dolls history, there is a legend that the spirit that possesses her is that of a small girl, who became trapped in the basement with her doll and died. So her spirit stayed with Mandy.

To date she has done nothing particularly evil, some investigators claim it is just the spirit of the little girl, lonely and sad… but there are to many similarities between her and the other demonically possessed dolls. Sometimes it just takes a little longer, so keep an eye on this evil little toy !

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