The Research Team Believes That The Original Mars Could Give Birth To Life, It Is Likely To Be A Creature Like This

Today, the earth is the only one that has a life-owned celestial body. A few years ago, the earth is not the most pleasant planet in climate. The world is changing, and the sanguin is amazing.

research shows that today, it seems that there is a bad Mars, and once a quiet years. At that time, Mars’s environment was much better than the earth, and even possible to give birth

and even today, Mars atmospheric layer becomes very thin, the oxygen content is almost 0, and it is still dry than the Sahara Desert. Scientists still do not fully denirm the possibility of Mars life. They believe that some stubborn extreme creatures can be lost in such an environment, and seemingly desolate Mars may have a world we have not seen.

I said so much. After all, I have to have direct evidence that scientists are constantly doing this attempt. Although human beings have multiple monart trucks to explore, the range of action and research capabilities of the Marstar are limited. Therefore, some scientists try to simulate a realistic Mars world to test whether the Mars surface environment can really support life.

Recently, Austrian scientists have an simulation. Unlike ordinary computer simulations, he is a real environment simulation, which not only simulates the climate of Mars, but also uses the rock samples of Mars. The result is very exciting, in this Mars rock sample, really cultivated microorganisms!

, etc., only heard of the rock sampling of moon, did not hear the Mars rock sampling, where is this Mars rock sample?

It turns out that this rock sample is a Mars meteorite, called black beauty meteorite.

Like our Earth, Mars often suffered from the impact of small celestial bodies, sometimes the impact will be very violent, so that some rocks of Mars are blown to space, becoming wandering in space. By. These Mars rocks will be chaotic by gravitational interference, some of which falls on the earth.

You may ask: Even if so, how do we know that this stone is from Mars?

This is because some meteorites contain small bubbles, and the ingredients in this bubble are different from the Earth, but the Mars atmospheric components are consistent, so this speculation can be made. A part of the Mars meteorite is very dark, so scientists call it black.

On November 23, 2013, scientists found a Mars meteorite in the Sahara area, named NWA 7533. The analysis results show that this meteorite is formed at 44 billion years (not the time to fall in the earth), which is the oldest Mars meteorite found so far.

This kind of meteorite is very small, and human beings have not found all, so each piece is precious. Even so, in order to study, scientists still gave one of them. They smashed this piece of meteorite called NWA 7034, formed in about 2 billion years ago, is the second ancient Mars meteorite, which is also one of the most water content

( Photo caption: Analysis of chemical elements in NWA 7034)

Astrobiologist Tetyana Milojevic of the University of Vienna, Austria, introduced: “The Black Beauty meteorite is formed by fragments of the Martian crust and has a The special Martian breccia that was bombed from the surface of Mars a year ago, so it is the rarest substance on earth. We had no choice but to make a very bold attempt to crush a few grams of precious Martian rock to reshape The earliest appearance of Mars and the simplest life form.”

Previous studies have shown that Mars had a relatively thick atmosphere billions of years ago, with high carbon dioxide content. Milojevic’s team used Martian rock powder to simulate the crust of Mars while also simulating a similar atmospheric environment.

(Picture description: Martian meteorite NWA 7034)

On the earth, there is a very special kind of organism. They can fix the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and combine some Inorganic matter is converted into energy, and this organism is classified as a chemoautotroph. The research team believes that if the original Mars could give birth to life, it is likely to be a creature like this.

So they chose a microorganism called Metallococcus to participate in this simulation. This creature was discovered by scientists in a hot acidic crater, and it is definitely an extreme creature.

In this way, in a bioreactor, the research team simulated Martian rock powder as the Martian crust, and filled it with air and carbon dioxide to simulate the early Martian atmosphere, while controlling the temperature in the reactor. This observes the growth of microorganisms.

The results are very exciting. In this “Martian land”, metallococci have really grown. The minerals in Martian meteorites become a source of energy for metallococci, which they use to replenish themselves. The researchers then used scanning transmission electron microscopy to observe these deposits in detail at the atomic scale, and the results showed that these metalococcal bacteria left biomineralized deposits on the “Martian crust”.

“These microorganisms growing on the Martian crust material have shaped a hard mineral capsule complexed with iron, manganese and aluminophosphate. In addition to the crusts on the surface of the microorganisms, we also have The formation of very complex crystalline sediments. These are unique features on the Noah age breccia of Mars, and also features that we have never seen in terrestrial minerals when this kind of bacteria grew.”

( Picture description: the growth of metalococcus on the rock surface of Mars)

From this point of view, the researchers have indeed achieved important research results by crushing some Martian meteorites, and let us see if Mars has really been What it should look like when gestating life will help guide the next research work of the Mars rover. However, the number of Martian meteorites on Earth is indeed too small. Although such research is very important, the research we can do is indeed very limited.

Currently, the US Mars Rover Perseverance is preparing to go in the Jezero crater of Mars. One of the missions of the Perseverance rover is to collect samples of Mars and bring them back to Earth in the future, which will bring us more important research samples.

At the same time, Jezero Crater is the most promising place to find traces of ancient life on Mars. Another focus of the Perseverance rover is to find life on Mars here. Therefore, if Mars really gave birth to life, then I believe that the good news is not far from us. This time, the research has given us even more confidence. Maybe the surface of Mars really gave birth to life, at least the conditions at the time allowed it.

Let us wait and see, maybe one day, when we get up in the morning and turn on the news, we will see good news from scientists. Source:

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