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Man Saves Drowning Baby Elephant, Then The Mother Does The Unexpected

A video of a baby elephant getting rescued from a ditch is going viral on Twitter and the reason will make your day.

The photograph in question really did show a ranger who helped to lift a baby elephant out of a watering hole to safety. It happened in South Africa.

The video, which has been viewed over 6.1k times, was shared on Twitter by IFS officer Parveen Kaswan. According to Parveen, he had received the video on WhatsApp.

He shared the video on his timeline with the caption, “Best you will watch today. An #elephant calf fell into a ditch and was rescued. And see how mother stopped to thank the people. This is typical behavior, elephants first try to rescue on their own, then leave space & stand far for getting help from humans.”

In the video, one can see a baby elephant struggling to get out of a ditch. The baby tries hard to get out of the hole, but the slippery sand makes it extremely difficult.

Park rangers quickly brought in large equipment to lift the baby out, but that only agitated the herd. Coetzee, the photographer, described what happened next:

It was time for Plan B: a group of rangers hopped into their bakkie and began to clear the area of the adult elephants, making loud sounds to get the animals moving. When the elephants were finally far enough away for the rangers to commence their rescue mission safely, two jumped from the back of the vehicle and raced towards the struggling baby.

Haste was crucial. Jumping in the water, the rangers used their strength to cradle the baby and push it up towards dry land. More SANParks staff joined to assist from the sides and help the small (but nevertheless heavy) elephant.

Since mother and child could no longer see each other amidst the bushes on the banks of the dam, rangers began devising a plan to reunite the family. They loaded the baby onto the bakkie and drove it closer to its protective and worried mother.

That is when the rescuers try to help him and finally the baby comes out of the ditch and runs away to its family, who are standing a few metres away. The best part of the video is when the mother stops and looks back to thank the rescuers for saving her baby.

According to Parveen, this kind of behavior is typical among elephants. They first try to rescue on their own, but when they fail they leave the space and stand far away to get help from humans he revealed in his tweet.

After the video was shared online, Twitter couldn’t stop itself from hearting the video. Here’s what people are saying:

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