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Malnourished mother dog begs for help to be adopted as she still feeds her six puppies

Seeing an animal suffer is one of the worst sights that we encounter in our lives. When we hear stories that move our hearts, it makes it very hard for us to move on without wondering if they had happy endings. That may also be the reason why we feel relieved when we see animal lovers and rescuers selflessly help these poor animals.

This is the story of a mother dog named Hope, and her babies, who were abandoned long before the dog has given birth. Hope and her children had gone through quite a period of suffering.

That is when an animal rights activist took initiative and visited the place where the dogs were staying. There, she discovered the terrible truth. The rescuer confirmed that Hope was breastfeeding 6 puppies, all at the same time. She said that she has never seen anything like this and it totally broke her heart.

“I went to feed all the dogs until I realized that Hope, a female who was not half the size of her breed, could barely walk, and approached me with her bright eyes,” said the rescuer.

Without hesit ating for a second, she carried them one by one. It was when she realized that there were not only 6 puppies, but 10, 4 of which have died due to the cruelty of life that they have undergone.

Some of the deaths of these innocent puppies were caused by snake bites, and others, were due to the cruel weather conditions, though the most regrettable thing was when those 4 puppies died before some people could do anything for them.

Hope was in a very unfortunate state, very pitiful to see. Her weight was not even equivalent to half of what the right size should have been. However, she still had to feed 6 puppies, doing everything she can just to keep them all alive.

The rescuer knew she had to do everything at all costs so the puppies will be adopted and be given the necessary care to recover and progress. She began to assign some of them to deserving families who agreed to adopt them.

Teddy, who was the first to be adopted, now lives like a king. His rescuer said, she will never stop loving him and being his godmother and is very grateful for the cooperation the new family has provided.

Candy and Tobby, too, were welcomed to their new homes, while Lola, Coco, and Max were still waiting for their adoptive families. However, Max contracted a gastrointestinal infection and felt weak until he sadly passed away.

“Luckily, Coco is already in the company of a new family, Lola was still lagging behind, but efforts continued,” she said.

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