Lion Climbed Into a Bus Seeking Attention and Wanting to be Loved By People

A young little lion called Filya came inside a bus full of tourist at Taigan Park, Crimea.

One day, Fila, a little lion who was craving some attention climbed on a bus full of tourists and requested cuddles.

The tourists were watching the lion and he came in offering them hugs, the lion did not show any sign of aggressiveness whatsoever.

However, the lion was not aggressive at all, as he did not attack any of the men and women. Instead, he climbed into the open vehicle and started licking several tourists while rubbing his face as a sign of affection.

He then proceeded to lick several of the tourists while rubbing his face as a sign of affection. He just wanted to be loved.

The tourists are seen playing and petting Fila, as well as taking lots of videos and selfies to document the rare event.

Last year, the park saw rare white lions being born there.

See the video of the precious encounter below:

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